Christmas Help for Low Income Families

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There are many ways to find Christmas help for low income families in 2011 and subsequent years. You’ll find there are many charitable organizations and groups that offer assistance to needy children and parents. In this article, I’ll show you some of the best places to look for holiday aid this December, along with some additional information to keep in mind for 2011 and other years moving forward.

When to Look for Help

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Christmas help for low income households isn’t always that hard to find, assuming you meet financial guidelines, but if you don’t start your search early enough, you’ll find it hard to get the emergency aid you need. Many programs and organizations have limited funds, so if you don’t apply for Christmas assistance early enough, they could be out of money. By way of example, in 2011, the best time to look is no later than mid-October. That’s not to say it’ll be too late if you wait, but it won’t be as easy.

Places to Look

As you search for emergency holiday aid for low income households, there are some typical places you’ll want to apply for Xmas aid. Listed below are some of the best places to search for free gifts and aid.

Churches: Catholic Charities and local congregations are great places to search for free gifts for needy children and financial help for the holidays. Just ask your local church for help or look into the other charitable organizations that offer help for December 25th.

Secret Santa Programs: Needy children can often be signed up for secret Santa or other similar programs run by local businesses. You’ll find that many local people are willing to buy a gift or two for poor families in need of holiday help. It’s a great place to search for aid.

Angel Tree: There are actually two programs to sign up for the Angel Tree. The first is the Prison Fellowship, which offers free Xmas gifts for kids whose parent(s) are incarcerated, so they aren’t left out in the cold on the holiday. Next is the Salvation Army’s program that offers aid to low income households with children. Both are good charitable groups that make Christmas better for your children.

Local Civic Groups: There are most likely several non-profit and civil groups in your area that might be able to help you find assistance for the December holidays. You’ll find that many of them contribute to poor or needy households each year.

Other Forms of Aid: Consider food banks for help with the meal this holiday. It will free up a little money to ensure you have cash on hand for gifts. In addition, help with electric bills or heating costs through LIHEAP can cut your bills, freeing up some funds for gifts. Stop by or call your local Health and Human Services to find out if you qualify for Christmas help for low income families or other forms of aid in 2011.

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