Church Membership Growth Ratio – Do Numbers Really Count?

Church Membership Growth Ratio

With the secular world claiming a larger percentage of the country’s population, sometimes one can’t help wondering how are churches fairing on? According to the recent statistics, the church membership growth ratio seems to be clearly showing the not as many people are going to churches as they used to before. Reportedly there has been a general reduction of church membership in most if not all churches countrywide. But this triggers more questions: are all churches affected? Does this mean religion is failing? Do numbers really count?

Recent Statistics

Basing on the most recent statistics the Catholic Church seems to be going strong with an alleged increase of 1.5% of its membership. The Southern Baptist church is said to come second with an equally large increase in its members. Unfortunately the Protestant Church cannot join in the celebration because the data collected shows that their membership numbers is continuing to drop as we speak and there hasn’t been any improvement as far as increase in membership is concerned over the years. With the future for the protestant church seeming gleam, some pastors are claiming that this whole pressure by the media on church numbers may end up creating an unholy and uncalled for competition amongst churches which shouldn’t be the case.

Claims by Critics

Church critics on the other hand have their own interpretation of this church membership growth ratio saga. According to critics the church does not want to accept that it is gradually losing popularity as the reduction in membership numbers sets to explain. Reportedly the church is reporting an increase in membership numbers all in bid to make more people believe in religion and develop faith in the doctrines preached by the church. Although there has not been any reliable evidence to prove whether these allegations are true or not, it is now becoming exceedingly more difficult to determine who is telling the truth: are churches growing or reducing in number?

Factors affecting churches

Not so long ago churches seemed to be doing well and apparently many people were receiving solace, spiritual nourishment and encouragement from religion. But with the current situation, the question remains when did the rains start hitting them? Quite a number of church officials have attributed the sudden turn of tables to the fast growing world and modernization in general. Churches have for a long time stuck to the ‘ancient doctrines’, so to speak, conducting their operations more or less the same way they used to back in the years. The problem now becomes in our metropolitan society such methods are no longer appealing to the common people that the church should be reaching to, to teach about religion. End result is many more people are dropping from the church other than joining the church.

So if the church membership growth ratio is anything to go by, it is clear that the churches have to practice some change of tact if they are to survive future generations and continue to be the light of the world. Well from the look of things, numbers do really count after all.