Churches that Help People Financially

Learn More about Churches that Help People Financially

In rare occasions, there are available churches that help people financially. Basically, churches and other religious organizations are known to mostly provide goods to those in need. However, if donations acquired are ample enough, they also provide monetary help. In regards to financial help provided by churches, most religious groups only help their parishioners while some help everyone, member or non-member. Thus, before seeking for financial help, you might want to research about these churches. With that being said, this article would provide you options regarding churches where you can seek monetary help.

Catholic Churches

One of the most acclaimed churches that help people financially and in any kind are the Catholic churches. As of today, the Roman Catholic has the largest community all over the world. Furthermore, almost every locality has two or more churches. Thus, chances of finding a Catholic church that would be able to aid you financially are extremely high.

To find more information regarding Catholic churches that offer monetary aid to those in need, you can check online. Just search for Catholic Charities USA and you’ll find details on which parishes would be able to give-out cash. Keep in mind that due to the current economic crisis, hundreds of individuals are in dire need of financial help. Thus, most catholic churches would only help those who are at least one month behind in paying their utility bills and other types of financial problems.

Jewish Communities

Jewish Communities also help people financially. Most people attest that they help everyone including non-members. One of their virtues in life is to help strangers who are in dire need. Being, another large religious community, you can seek help at some synagogues in your locality.

To find more information regarding the locations of Jewish Congregations, you can read more details at the Jewish Community Centers of North America. Although, financial aid is not discussed in their official website, you can find locations of synagogues per state where you can ask for monetary help.


Another church known for providing financial aid is the Protestants. However, they only help their members. In addition to that, you will have to do some volunteer work in exchange for the financial support given to you. This is primarily because unlike the Catholic Church that has a large community, Protestants are not that outsized. Thus, if you are not one of them, you can either join their community or turn to other parishes. You can find more information on how to seek financial support along with their locations at


There are more religious communities that would be able to hand-out monetary support. However, these communities limit their support for members only. To name a few, Born Again Christians and Anglicans also provide monetary help.

Always remember that not all churches can provide financial support. Most of the time; they can only hand-out food, clothing and other types of commodities. But, do not take this for granted. Although it is not cash, it is still an opportunity to lessen you expenses. With that being said, you can always rely on churches that help people financially or in goods and at the same time seek for enlightenment in regards with your spirituality as well.