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Churches that Help with Rent

Part of the core mission of most churches and their members is one of service to those in need. Yes, of course, churches are supportive of those within the community of their congregations, but their assistance is also important to those outside the bounds of the core organization. This has two benefits: 1) because a servant mission is core to the beliefs of many faiths. Many serve God or a higher-spiritual calling, like that of Buddhism (Buddhist Charities), by helping reduce the suffering of others. 2) Because it is helpful to embrace others and introduce others to the Church. Most churches that help with rent, don’t do so, for the benefit of recruitment, but there is certainly the hope that others may want to join.

Understanding Churches that Help with Rent

Churches that help with rent, food, utilities and bills for people who are having trouble with money do so out of a moral obligation to help the poor or those that have simply fallen on bad times. If you attend church every Sunday, chances are you have probably been involved with raising money for charities and the needy. There are a lot of people out there who oppose rent assistance by the church because they feel that the people who receive the benefits believe in God or the bible, not because of their faith, but because of money. Regardless of how you feel about the issue, there is no denying the fact that there are millions of honest people who need help to get out of poverty.

how to ask for help

When is it Ok to Ask for Help?

Everyone goes through trying times in life and a community church might be able to provide or direct anyone to resources that can help. Asking for help does not require that you are homeless. You might need the emotional support of a church to help with the pain of the loss of a family member or to recover from a painful divorce and find peace or coping with being a single parent.

How to get help from a Church

If you are in a dire situation and are unable to pay your rent and other bills, you should approach your local church. Sure, there’s lots of talk about millionaires who give away money, but they are far from common experiences. There are many who would you suggest that you reach out to a wealthy millionaire for help, but it is unlikely that you will ever get a response. If you are a member of the church and have been attending it for some time you will have an easier time receiving assistance. If you are walking in the church for the first time, your chances of getting full rent assistance is slim to none. You need to establish yourself as a loyal, and contributing member of a church in order to gain their trust.

Protestant Churches that Help Pay Rent

If you are a Protestant, it is worth your time to check out ProtestantAid.org. The group has been established for almost two hundred years and has given grants to many people in order to alleviate poverty. If you are legitimately in need of help to pay for food, rent, utility and heat, the Protestant Aid group can help. The great thing about this group is that they will help you regardless of your race, ethnicity or religious background.

Catholic Churches that Help Pay Rent

If you are a Catholic, you should check out Catholic Charities USA. They have a host of charities that help people to pay rent or bills, especially if they’ve been affected by natural disasters. They can also help you obtain food stamps and provide free money to help feed your family. In the past, Catholic Charities USA have helped people through tough times during the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster.

There are many churches that are willing to help pay for your bills and rent. As long as you are honest about your situation and ask for rent assistance, you will be entitled to some free money, which can put food on the table, pay rent and utilities, as well as help alleviate the stress.

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