Civil Actions Based on Improper Hospice Care – Taking Legal Action

Civil Actions Based on Improper Hospice Care

When your loved one is suffering from some terminal illness there is often little that one can do thus the best step to take in such situations is normally to enroll them for Hospice Care so that they can receive the love, comfort and special attention they need in their last days. As a result it pains even more when one comes to realize that they did not actually receive the special care that you’d wanted them to be given during their last moments. Whenever in such a situation taking civil actions based on improper hospice care will be necessary however, having some basic information on how to approach the matter will come in handy to ensure that you receive the legal support you deserve.

Do you have proof?

When suing any hospice for not taking good care of your loved one always remember that you will need to have solid evidence to produce in court. You must be able to prove beyond any doubt that your loved one indeed did not receive good attention from the hospice for the court to have enough grounds therefore take legal action against the hospice. Without evidence as much as you may actually have a valid argument, taking any civil actions based on improper hospice care will not be possible.

This is why it’s advisable that you pay your loved one a visit as often as possible to check and confirm that they are receiving the best care services that you are paying for. If not make a formal complaint which should preferably be in written form to the administration of the hospice indicating your dissatisfaction on the kind of services provided to your loved one. This complaint can be effectively used in court when suing the hospice if nothing is done to correct the mistakes you have accentuated.

Respective Government Bodies to Approach

Approaching the right government organizations can also go a long way in enabling you to succeed in taking civil actions based on improper hospice care against the respective hospice you want to sue. The first body that you should always consider sending your complaints to is the Hospice Patients Alliance which is primarily put in place to protect the individual rights of all patients in hospice care. You can further approach the respective Health Care Accreditation Organization that the hospice in question is enrolled under. These two bodies normally have well spelt out standards that hospices are expected to meet when providing care services for the terminally ill hence if you can prove that these standards were not met, you will be automatically assisted in taking legal action.

Choosing the Right Hospice

While civil actions based on improper hospice care might be a good way of making incompetent hospices to wake up and start providing quality healthcare services to their patients, the fact will still be that your loved one will have been affected. For this reason you better choose the right hospice from the start. There are a number of steps you can take in choosing the best hospice. First and foremost ensure that the hospice is licensed because this usually means that the quality of their services has been certified. Secondly ask to be given references so that you can confirm yourself that their services are of high quality and finally, it’s often advisable that you go for a hospice that has been there for a long time as this is normally an indication of their ability to meet customer expectations.

Remember that taking civil actions based on improper hospice care will also cost you some money for example money to hire a lawyer hence choosing the right hospice can save you all this trouble as well.