Clarisonic Classic Review: Is it worth The Price?

The Clarisonic Classic is the original Clarisonic skin care brush. It is what made the brand what it is today. Since the Classic there has been many more including the Pro, mia and mia 2, but is the Classic still worth the price now there are newer ones available.

Yes Or No?

I am not going to mess you around here, the simple answer is ‘YES’ the Clarisonic Classic is still worth the price, there is no doubt about that.

Here is a video review of the Classic to show you the benefits etc:

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1. Cleanses 6x times better than normal cleansing alone which means all the gunk, make-up etc will be removed.

2. Removes dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil from deep within the pores. Having clear pores will reduce the risk of acne breakouts.

3. Uses an international charger making it great to take with you traveling.

4. The small size makes it comfortable to use and easy to store into small items such as handbags.

5. Gives amazing results when used daily.

These are the main benefits that the Clarisonic Classic offers. There is no skin care product that I know of that gives better results than the Clarisonic brushes.

User Results

‘I bought the Clarisonic hoping that it would unclog the large pores on my nose. Little by little, it is accomplishing that. I use the normal brush without irritation and it has definitely polished my skin. Now that it’s smoother I feel like I’m using less moisturizer on my face. A little bit goes much farther now’

Note: This review has been paraphrased for size: TO READ THE FULL REVIEW CLICK HERE.

Where To Buy?

While you can buy the Clarisonic directly from Clariosnic, I recommend Amazon because they usually over the best price, however I cannot guarantee that as there prices change often.

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