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Clash of the titans 1981 review


Clash of the titans (1981 version) is a movie based on a Greek myth but slightly altered. Perseus (Harry Hamlin) is the son of Zeus, the supreme Olympian god, and Danae, daughter of King Acrisius of Argos. The king banishes his daughter by putting her in a coffin and dumping her in the sea because of an ancient prophecy. Zeus orders the god Poseidon to let lose the Kraken and he easily destroys the kingdom of Argos.

Perseus is safely taken away to an island where he grows up free of troubles until the goddess Thetis takes him to the city of Joppa while he is sleeping. Thetis has done this in revenge for her son Calibos who has been punished by Zeus and now is a vile creature. Perseus now longs to marry the princess Andromeda (Ursula Andress ) but the only way is to answer her riddle which is give to her by Calibos for each suitor. Perseus finds the answer after defeating Calibos but Thetis curses the city because Andomeda’s mother compared her beauty to the goddess herself. Andromeda will have to be sacrificed or the Kraken will destroy Joppa, unfortunately there is no known way to defeat the huge titan.

Now Perseus must go on a quest to find something that can defeat the Kraken, he gets his answer from the three Stygian witches but finds out he needs to kill another titan in order to stand a change against the Kraken. During the quest Perseus must face countless dangers such as a two headed dog, giant scorpions and Calebos as well. He does get help from the gods by means of equipment and later the wise owl Bubo and the flying horse Pegasus. Perseus must now use all his might and cunning to fight not one but two titans.

Clash of the titans is a classic and one of the last projects Ray Harryhausen worked on, much of the movie has stop motion animation by the old master. The action is abundant and the creatures are taken straight out of Greek Myths. You must remember this movie was released in 1981 and some of the effects are rather outdated, this is especially evident in scenes where stop motion creatures fight against their human counterparts and you can easily see that they are on different screens. Don’t mind it too much because even when it was released the effects were not considered to be top of the line.Clash of the titans 1981 review

The story flows very well between the action sequences and the quest Perseus is on to save his beloved Andromeda keeps you hooked. There are some scenes where you really believe he’s not going to make it but having a god for a father somethings gives you slight advantages.

Recently a remake was released with the same name but with a slightly altered story. I actually prefer this old version and too me this will always be a classic movie and I guarantee that you will enjoy this more than the 2010 version of Clash of the Titans.

Clash of the titans 1981 review
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