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Class Options Make Earning Continuing Education Units Easier

As is the case for many mental health-based professionals, psychologists are required to continue their educations even after graduating from college with their doctoral degrees. The number of units needed per year to maintain one’s license varies by state. The ultimate goal of CEUs for psychologists is to ensure their clients are getting the benefit of the latest and most effective treatment techniques.
Course topics vary, but some of the concepts covered are professional conduct, therapy after traumas, legal and ethical issues and addiction treatment. Other popular areas of study focus on treatment with a mind to the various cultures, ages or sexual orientations of patients.
Because the continuing education requirements for psychologists can be strenuous, there are several format options for classes. Psychsem.com knows that convenience is key when it comes to serving busy mental-health professionals, so courses are offered both live and online.
Live Classes and Seminars
All-day classes feature in-person instructors who are respected leaders in their fields. The topics of live sessions range in discipline, and most are offered multiple times for optimal accessibility. They often fall on Fridays or weekends, and usually are held in a comfortable hotel environment.

The advantages to enrolling in a live class include the ability to talk one on one with instructors and the chance to interact with colleagues. Group discussions and debate about the updated information shared in the class can be brisk as attendees bring their professional experiences to the conversation.

Live classes not only provide CEUs for psychologists, they also introduce practitioners to fresh techniques they can apply immediately with their own clients. Because seminar topics are always changing, mental-health professionals always will be able to find an interesting subject to learn about, or they may be inspired to explore a new field of psychological focus.

Online Multimedia Courses

Continuing education students often prefer to include virtual sessions in their plan to meet their licensing requirements. Online classes can be particularly convenient for a number of reasons. First, practitioners can “attend” sessions on their own timeline and at their own pace. Secondly, education providers can easily offer a wider variety of topics in several disciplines because they are using a virtual format. The seminar options online can be ten-fold the number available in live sessions, and they feature a larger pool of qualified instructors.

Students need not worry that they will miss out on vital resources if they don’t attend a live course. All the handouts, slides and other information shared during a live seminar also are available to practitioners enrolled in a multimedia course. Also, classes often are broken into small chunks of time followed by short quizzes, making the material covered in the course more retainable.

Another perk of earning CEUs online is that after students have purchased a course, they may come back to it as many times as they like to verify information, and at the end of the class they can print out their completion certificate.

Explore Opportunities to Meet Licensing Requirements

Today it’s easier than ever to earn CEUs for psychologists and other mental-health professionals. The expanding range of disciplines and topics covered in both live and online courses can ensure licensed therapists have the most up-to-date information and techniques at their disposal.

Regardless whether a practitioner’s state requires 6 units or 40 units of education per year, professionals can meet all the requirements necessary in the most convenient format for them.

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