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Classic Rock and Bad Company

I was pleasantly surprised today to find a video on you tube that showed Classic Rock and Bad Company is very much alive! Actually I was more than pleasantly surprised because Bad Co (as we called it back in the 70’s) was my all time favorite band. I just assumed when I clicked on that video I would get a bunch of old geezers playing but was happy to see that Paul Rodgers, lead singer, is still as vibrant as ever and his voice is strong, bold and better with age! He’s not bad on the eyes either!

Boz Burrell, the original bassist/vocalist passed away leaving Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke and Mick Ralphs the only 3 original members of the classic rock band. They added Howard Leese on guitar and Lynn Sorenson on bass. Still sounds the same to me, even better because the 70’s were all about rock n roll and back then most of us were all in the fast lane. I can appreciate this music much better today.

Watch the videos as they talk about the history of Classic Rock and Bad Company and the story of the band.

Through all these years, I didn’t think Paul Rodgers of Bad Co was really doing anything. I just assumed he made his fortune and went the way of every other rock star of the 70’s. But his love of music and dedication to the life has kept him living his passion, which is writing and performing music. He records and tours but it is mostly international.

Since 1968 did you know that Paul Rodgers has sold over 90 million records, released 30 albums and he is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist? He formed and led 3 bands so far. Remember FREE, Alright Now? Good news for you, click on the link and you get a free download of the song! How cool is that?

If you love Classic Rock and Bad Company’s music, click here to get some great LP’s .

My friend found an old Allegra Stereo turntable in his attic with big old speakers and gave it to me and now when I turn that baby on, it feels just like back in the day! I love finding the old vinyl albums to play on it. Want to go back to when music was the driving force in your soul, before the career, the babies, the job and responsibilities came along? I found some cool turntables and although they aren’t classic like my 1974 Allegra, you will get some great sounds especially if you put on some Bad Company.

Have you seen the newest music? In 2011 they performed Live at London’s Wembley arena, and you can get a cd by clicking on the link.

I love music, but I guess some of today’s music I just don’t get. I am still into the classic rock from the 70’s and early 80’s. I can tune in on my radio. listen to a cd or just get rockin’ to you tube’s hundreds of video’s.

What kind of music do you love? Do you have a favorite classic rock band or is your heart with the music of today?

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