Cleaning a Olefin (Herculon) Sofa

Cleaning a sofa takes about two hours depending on how soiled it is and what kind of soil it is, if every day dirt is all you see, and the fabric is a Olefin (Herculon) this is one of the easiest fabric’s to clean. This is going to be you’re easiest day to clean. For best results you should be using a extraction unit, a small portable unit with a vacuum and spray head attached. If you are sure that the sofa is Olefin through the testing of the fabric. Cleaning this fabric should be cleaned with a non-solvent based cleaner. Using a solvent based cleaner can melt the backing of the fabric. A mild upholstery cleaner with a high soap suds will be enough to clean well. To start out place a painters cotton tarp under the sofa to protect the floor and open areas. If using a portable, place two gallons of hot water in you’re clean water tank, this will be used for fast rinsing with vacuum and spray head. When cleaning a sofa always start with the back , this will be the cleanest part of the sofa. With a half bucket of hot water and soap suds take you’re sofa brush ( looks like a scrub brush ) fill brush with soap suds only and scrub half of the back lightly. Take you’re vacuum and spray unit and spray area lightly and vacuum area two times. Repeat this all around the sofa back, sides, and front. Pay special attention to the flounce ( Front ) and skirt on the sides and back of sofa bottom area. Repeat this cleaning on the back cushions and platform cushions. Clean cushions a couple of times, these can be the most soiled and need special attention. Do the same with the arms they also will be soiled the most. When finished lean sofa cushions against each other on sofa platform to dry.

Most fabric’s can be cleaned with this method, this is strictly shampoo and vacuuming. It’s mostly scrubbing with shampoo to lift dirt then spray lightly with water and vacuum a couple of times for faster drying. This is the most easiest way to clean a fabric without using to much water. Water can be you’re enemy if not vacuumed to almost dry. Water will leave rings, also cause crocking and bleeding, and brown out mostly haitian cotton. Always double check on what kind of fabric you’re cleaning it will save some money. Check your janitorial supply house for books on cleaning all fabric’s and to know what kind you have. Also get in touch with your carpet cleaning supplier, on where there are schools on cleaning furniture.