Cleaning Baby Toys With Bleach

I initially assumed that it was an unsafe practice to be cleaning baby toys with bleach. I soon learned that if you really want all of your toys as clean and germ free as possible, a quick cleaning with bleach is often the best way to go. When cleaning baby toys with bleach it is important to remember to follow all manufacturer’s instructions and that bleach should at no time come into contact with a child. Use the simple tips below to get a good idea of how to start cleaning baby toys with bleach.

What You Will Need for Cleaning Baby Toys With Bleach
Collect these simple items to get started: a tub large enough to hold many toys, bleach, a bucket for diluting bleach, water to dilute bleach, rubber gloves, a clean surface for drying.

Step for Cleaning Baby Toys With Bleach

Step One: Check manufacturer specifications of your toys for any special cleaning or handling instructions. I would recommend against using bleach to clean stuffed animals. I only use bleach to clean hard, non-porous surfaces.

Step Two: When cleaning baby toys with bleach, it is important to dilute the bleach appropriately. According to the Clorox website, you should dilute ¾ cup of bleach per gallon of water. Add the diluted bleach to the toy tub. Remember, it is also best to always wear rubber gloves when handling bleach, even if it is diluted.

Step Three: After you have diluted the bleach and put it in the tub, add the toys to the tub of diluted bleach. It is alright if all of the toys aren’t submerged, as long as you slosh them around (with your rubber gloves on) every once in a while. The Clorox website recommends soaking toys for five minutes. This soaking method is great when cleaning used baby toys.

Step Four: Air drying toys is the most important step when cleaning baby toys with bleach. Do not rush the toys back to your children until they are absolutely dry. I like to place them on a clean surface out of reach, then place a fan on them to help the dry faster. After a few hours of drying, move the toys around to help draw out any bleach water that may have pooled. When cleaning baby toys with bleach, I recommend allowing the toys to dry for at least one full day, usually longer.

Many parents consider bleach to caustic to use on baby toys. However, in many circumstances (a kindergarten classroom or day care for instance) it is important to take the necessary measures to ensure children’s toys are germ free. I hope that you are able to use these tips when cleaning baby toys with bleach safely.