Cleaning Professional Offices

Cleaning a professional office is fairly easy, most of this is done in the evening after everybody is gone. If there is a bathroom clean it first, start with the toilet bowl, remove any particles with a bowl brush and cleaner. Use the right cleaner for this job, janitorial supply house will carry all of the best cleaners for this job. If bowl has yellowing use an acid and let set for ten to twenty minutes. Scrub with a bowl brush should remove the yellowing fairly easy, wipe down rim and seat, back and top of the toilet with a good cleaner. The toilet should sparkle after cleaning, do the same with the sink, all porcelain ceramic should sparkle. To clean all glass surface use a ammonia based cleaner, this will remove the film that coats the glass. This cleaner will also shine the porcelain to a high sparkle. Wipe down towel and soap dispenser, refill both if low. Replace toilet paper rolls when needed and always leave extra rolls. Wipe down wall area around toilet, this can get spotted and smell if not cleaned daily. Clean door handles every so often to remove dirty finger prints. Empty trash basket and replace with a new liner. Cleaning of the floor use the ammonia based cleaner with a little soap mixed in, will do the best job.

Moving to the office area go around all of the desks and empty trash baskets. Replace plastic liners if needed, some will have food stuck in them and start to smell. Dust desk tops when available, wipe down chairs if dusty, dust shelves and odds and ends if available. If carpets have small spots you can spot clean with solvents. Watch how you do this because solvents can destroy carpets if not done right, read directions for best result. Vacuuming of carpet use a upright carpet cleaning, one that has enough vacuum to pick up items around the edges of machine. Vacuum around desks and under them as far as you can go. Move chairs out and vacuum under them and replace under desk for neatness. If an area is really dirty clean on a weekend and charge a fair price. The cleaning above is done on a regular basis, two to three days a week. Charge a fair amount basis on the hours you spend cleaning and any products you use.