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Cleaning. The Benefits Of Outside Help.

How was your day? Mine pretty much went like this; Awake at six, have shower, get kids up, prepare breakfast, drop kids at school, go to work. Run errands at lunch time (pay bills, pick up dry cleaning), go back to work. Collect kids from sitter, come home, make dinner, shower kids, shower self, fall into zombified state on couch. Sound familiar?
While I sit, exhausted in front of the television, I often ponder the things I don’t seem to have enough time for. A social life, exercise, cleaning, making those little candles I love as a hobby. I promise myself that I’ll find a way to make more time on the weekend, but who wants to spend their precious downtime scrubbing floors, or using brain power on colourful wax? Not to mention this finding this kind of indulgence in-between toting the kids to football practice, swimming lessons, playdates…
However, while I sweep these aspirations under the carpet, and pacify myself with a fifteen minute run on Saturday and Sunday, the cleaning is one duty that can’t be avoided. It’s just one of those necessities, as we all know.
So guess how I made time for my scented soy creations, and managed to sweep the stress from my life too? Simple, I hired a cleaner. Here are some of the benefits hired help can bring to your life.
*A clean environment not only relaxes you when entertaining guests, but it also promotes a sense of order. It’s easier to feel inspired about your own tasks when there’s no jumble, mess, or dust. Like the art of Feng Shui, positive energy flows better though unsullied surfaces. Meticulous Cleaning Experts quote that a maintained home instigates balance and renewal on a daily basis.
*It allows you to stay on top of life. You’ll feel less stressed and more capable. Sure, you’ll still have to tidy, but having the base foundation done for you eases the work load by half. No more dusting, polishing, scrubbing, vacuuming or mopping. What a load off.
*Expertise. Cleaners clean for a living, so they’re bound to know little tricks of the trade you’d never dreamed of. My bathroom and kitchen always seem to sparkle that bit more when an expert had been to work on them!
*Customise. You get to choose which things you need done. Some cleaners will even take care of your washing and ironing for you. Once you’ve specified the tasks at hand, a cleaner will usually create a customized agenda for your specific requirements. If scouring the oven sounds like the most painful procedure you can think of, you’ll never have to endure it again
*Cost effective. They’ll be no need to spend money on cleaning products anymore. Incorporate that factor into the cost of the cleaner, and the expense is unbelievably affordable. You can find home help for as little as $30 bucks an hour. Even if you employ a cleaner every fortnight, a little over a hundred dollars is worth the price of your sanity.
*And of course, your time is your own! A cleaner comes with these added extras; sleeping in, socializing, relaxation time, and arts and crafts indulgence!

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