News Cleaning Up Viruses for Free at Home

Cleaning Up Viruses for Free at Home


The bane of owning a computer is that at some point you may encounter a virus. You can protect yourself by not visiting some nefarious websites, and you can help matters by installing AdBlock before you get rolling with your computer. But somewhere along the way you might accidentally get a bug on your computer. Don’t worry too much, you can take it off for free.

Prevention is Key

The best way to not get a virus is to prevent them in the first place. Installing AdBlock and Malwarebytes is a great way to keep your computer happy and healthy. These programs will block the bad websites that are trying to upload spyware onto your computer, and prevent you from having problems in the first place.

Virus or Spyware?

Many people confuse these two terms. They call any little bug on their computer a virus when technically that isn’t the case.

A virus is a malicious computer program. Many viruses started out because a disgruntled employee wanted to stick it to the company before he left their employment. So he would write a program that would systematically destroy the computer and the files long after he left. Most viruses today do the same thing, but they are actually pretty rare.

Spyware, on the other hand, is much more common. These are simple programs that do little more than track what you are doing on your computer. They collect and record data and then send it back to whoever owns the program. You obviously don’t want them running on your computer, they will slow things down and collect your personal information.

Removal is Easy

Let’s suppose you do accidentally download something onto your computer. Don’t worry, you can remove most viruses and spyware at home. Using the Malwarebytes program you can scan the computer and it will detect all the malicious files. They will automatically be quarantined, and then removed when it is safe to do so.

There are some extreme cases, cases when you have a hearty virus on your computer, that you can’t get rid of the bug with this program. If that is the case, you have to take your computer to a computer repair specialist to have the virus taken off (many of them can remotely access your computer now so you don’t have to worry about hauling it all the way in).

Taking care of viruses and spyware at home shouldn’t be too difficult. These programs are easy to download and easy to run. Once you have them installed you can run them every few days to make sure your computer is free and clear of bugs. If it proves to be too strong of a virus or program, then simply take the computer in to be fixed.

Cleaning Up Viruses for Free at Home
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