Cleanse your heart with Anusara Yoga – Be Healthier You

Yoga Pose

If you are a beginner to yoga and wondering which yoga style is a right choice for you, you have probably come to a right page. There are dozens of styles to choose from, each with their own set of health and wellness benefits, so you are likely to wonder why Anusara Yoga makes a perfect fit you over other yoga forms.

Anusara – ‘Flow with Grace’

Learning Anusara yoga is more about right alignment and postures of body. You flow in grace, turn out to be more lively over time and eventually feel empowered from within.

It is ‘Heart-Centric’ Yoga Style

“All poses or asana in Anusara yoga are heart-centric. And thus, when we guide students for perfect postures and alignment, we make sure it is done from inside out.”, says a Anusara yoga teacher from a Zurich based premier Anusara yoga class. The various poses in this yoga style help free your heart with the breath.

Getting into a healthier lifestyle

These days, the lifestyle is such that we stick to chairs in front of computer for long hours, which has posed some serious health risks to us. Mainly this modern lifestyle has been leaving bad impact on heart and hips areas. Constant sitting and hunching over a computer desk have taken toll on the flexibility and core strength of hip and heart region muscles.

The medical studies have shown that this modern lifestyle causes a significant change in the curve of lower back area, which further impact the blood circulation in the lower body parts. However, practicing Anusara regularly will help open heart and hips.

Uplift your mood

Anusara yoga is a physical exercise that help you connect with your heart in positive manner; this becomes more important if you are undergoing a healing process. With its heart-oriented poses, Anusara yoga help release tightness in heart and hips’ muscles. So, you will feel your heart lighter. Over a few sessions at a good Anusara yoga class, you will find yourself more receptive to others around you. Practicing Anusara yoga postures when sad or restless will help you feel relaxed.

Why do you need a professional and experienced Anusara yoga teacher

A certified and professional teacher for Anusara yoga class remains devoted to improving students’ self-esteem and empowering them from within. At the same time, Anusara yoga teacher stays committed to inspire playfulness, happiness and lightheartedness in you during yoga sessions. You simply need to look around and find the right Anusara yoga class. You are sure to find every session enhancing your fluidity and lifestyle.

There won’t be hype saying Anusara yoga is for everyone. It teaches you ‘flowing with grace’, ‘connecting to heart” and “sharing happiness”. It adheres to the strongest of alignment principals. And thus, practicing Anusara help you enhance your physical and spiritual wellness. The Anusara yoga philosophy is that one should see goodness in all beings. So, what are you waiting for? You may resort to the web and find your local Anusara yoga class today.