Clear a Clog Drain Baking Soda Vinegar: An Effective Combination

Get Rid of Your Clog Fast with These Common Household Items – Clear a Clog Drain Baking Soda Vinegar: An Effective Combination

When you need to clear a clog drain baking soda vinegar makes an effective combination to insure that the job gets done right the first time. Now if your drain is completely clogged, you’re going to need to do something differently than this effective home remedy, but if you’ve got a slow moving drain, you’ll find that this is the perfect solution to fix your clogged drain woes for good. Go check your cabinets now to see if you’ve got either item in your home. Also check your fridge, because sometimes your spouse will throw in a box of baking soda to make your refrigerator smell pretty. Then, when you’ve got the items together, you’re ready to start busting down this clog that’s in your drain like a pro. If you don’t have these items, don’t worry – just go get them. We’ll wait for you, mate. But while you’re out, don’t get tempted by the chemical cleansers – those can do damage to your sink and your drainage pipes. Stick with the cheap vinegar and baking soda method, ok?

Why Vinegar? Because You Need Something Acidic and Your Personality Just Won’t Fit

That clog in your drain isn’t going to magically disappear. It’s going to need some help to get itself broken apart, and unless you plan on taking apart your entire plumbing system to make that happen, you’ve got to stick something down that drain. Vinegar works well because it is acidic. In other words, when you take a look at the pH scale, it is on the side that can do cool stuff like etch patterns in glass or clean off battery terminals that have had battery acid leak on them. You know, like a can of Coca-Cola can do. When the acidic vinegar runs into something that is less acidic than it is, it starts to go to town to dissolve the stuff that is in its way. That’s step one in this process of busting down a clog that’s bothersome.

Add That Baking Soda and Create an Explosion In Your Pipes

When you add baking soda to the mix, it’s like lighting a fuse to a firecracker. You’re creating a science experiment in your sink that involves the release of carbon dioxide in a great amount in your sink. By combining the items in the pipes, you’ll create the pressure that you need to dislodge that clog and break it apart for good. And if you’re really lucky and the clog is super strong, you could even end up busting apart the PVC pipes under your sink thanks to the build up of gasses. Either way you win, so what have you got to lose? Get the ingredients together now so that you can become a stay at home plumber and fix your own problem. That’s right – a clog drain baking soda vinegar combination is one that will create magic for you.