Clear Braces Or Metal Braces | What To Choose?

The perfect smile always matters no matter what age or profession you are in. In todays world we can’t achieve that dream because of the fear of humiliation amongst colleagues, friends or family by using old metal braces until Clearline Ortho. Clearliners from Clearline Ortho are the product for you if you have teeth alignment problems. Clearliners are clear transparent braces that offer a more comfortable alternative to the traditional metal braces. They can also be removed for occasions such as a family photo or when eating.

Some of the key selling points of clearliners are the fact that they are practically invisible, they have smooth plastic edges so unlike metal braces they don’t cause irritation and they can be removed for eating or brushing but users are advised not to take it out for too long as it will extend the treatment time.

On the other hand we have metal braces that are not only more prominent but you can also not remove them during the duration of the treatment and the metal can cause irritation inside the mouth.

The way invisible braces work is that your dentist first takes an impression of your teeth, they are then fed into a computer so the dentist can see them in 3D using state of the art technology the dentist can then plan out the tooth movement and show you the final results on the computer.

The invisible braces are regularly changed as the teeth start to move into place, for this the patient has to visit their dentist after every two weeks or so that the dentist can check up on the progress and give you the next set of braces accordingly. This product is equally effective for everyone regardless of their age but it is directed specially towards the adults and the teens so that they can get the dental treatment they need without having to go through the embarrassment of having a chunk of metal in their mouth. This way the patient can get the smile that they want and still maintain their self confidence. They are also designed to be comfortable so they are made extremely thin so that they don’t feel awkward when the patient is wearing them. Another great advantage invisible braces have over metal braces is that they take half the time metal ones take to achieve the same result.

To find out more feel free to ask your dentist about the different pros and cons of both these products and find out which one suits your hand how you want to achieve that perfect smile.