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Clearing Negative Energy From Your Surroundings

I’ve talked about releasing negative energy from your life, but have you ever wondered where this released negative energy goes? It’s going into your surroundings! Surroundings like your home, your car or your office at work.

Not only do you have to contend with your negative energy, but you have to remember that other people’s negative energy,and other negative situations that you didn’t create can surround you and build up in your space. In fact, if you think about it, you are surrounded by negative energy, but you don’t have to live with it in the spaces you occupy.

Just to be clear, negative energy covers a long list of garbage, but the methods of cleansing that I will be giving you are simple methods that anyone can use, and they work for clearing your home, your office, your car and even you.

I know you’re probably asking why you would need to clear yourself of negative energy, if you’ve released it… well negative energy can cling to you, but there are simple and easy solutions which I will give you to help cleanse this energy from your body and even your clothes.

Build Up Of Released Negative Energy

Negative energy can interfere with our lives more than you are aware of. It can bring the atmosphere of your surroundings down… regardless what the surroundings are. It could be your home, office, car or you. Even in the most positive of places, negative energy can accumulate. There are many ways negative energy can accumulate in your space and onto you…

Here Are Just A Few

  • When you release negative energy
  • From temperamental family members or co-workers
  • A person’s traumatic history
  • Past negative events that happened in your home before you moved in
  • Being around negative people
  • Going shopping and picking up negative energy and bringing it into your surroundings.

Over time, this energy builds up and will have to be cleansed. If it isn’t, it could possibly continue to build and could eventually cause a lot of negative problems like:

  1. Anger that you can’t explain Depression
  2. Fear
  3. Guilt
  4. Sadness
  5. Anxiety
  6. And maybe even nightmares

Negative CleansingOther things like problems in your relationships, poor memory, a lack of concentration and feeling drained could also occur. Whenever someone is angry, upset, jealous or ill… their energy field is altered, and if you come into contact with this person, you are bound to pick up this negative energy and take it with you where ever you go.

That’s why it’s important to cleanse yourself and your surroundings periodically. How often you do a cleansing will depend on how often you perform the negative emotions releasing technique and how much negativity you are exposed to. You know a negative situation when you see and feel one, and when those feelings begin to wear at you, it’s probably good to say it’s time for a cleansing.

I would like to say at this point, that if your surroundings are extremely negative, and to the point where it is causing chaos, then it may take more than the procedures I’m going to give you. In that case, you may want to seek the help of a professional to rid the problem for you.

Clearing Negative Energy – Process Number One

I though I would start with the easiest cleansing process first and end with the one that is slightly more involved. This procedure involves using sea salt as a cleansing agent. I recommend sea salt because it is more pure and natural than your processed table salt and its coarser grains are easier to use. You may also use kosher salt.

You will be using sea salt in all three procedures and since you need it for future cleansings, why not go ahead and purchase a bag or box of it. There are other materials you may or may not need to purchase. It totally depends on which cleansing procedure you decide to use. So don’t purchase any more until you make that decision, but it is safe to say you will need the sea salt.

Cleansing Negative Energy From Your Home

The first and easiest way to cleanse your home of negative energy is to mix 2 teaspoons of sea salt into a glass of warm water, then pour it into a spray bottle or mister and spray around the baseboard of all the rooms in your home.

You can also spray the air of each room, including the closets, bathrooms, garage and pantry. That’s it! This will take care of minor negative energy that has accumulated in your home. You can also do the same procedure in your car and your office space.

The next cleansing procedure can also be used if you think the situation calls for more than just misting. Pour sea salt into small bowls and place them in the corners of the rooms of your home and leave them there for 24 hours.

Remember, this is every room of your home, negative energy doesn’t stop in the living room, it goes all over your house. After 24 hours, dispose of the salt by removing it from your home. Don’t reuse this salt and don’t leave it in your home.

Cleansing Negative Energy From Yourself

A simple and easy solution is to use the same bottle of sea salt and warm water mixture and spray yourself after you finish spraying or misting your home. This would include the clothes you are wearing and all your clothes and everyone’s clothes hanging in the closets.

You can also take a bath and add about two or three tablespoons of sea salt or Epsom salt to your water. Either will do just find. If you want to add essential oils or herbs to your bath water, take a dry container and mix your salt and either a few drops of oil or herbs like rosemary, tea tree oil, lavender or sandalwood to your salt, then shake them vigorously together.

If you’re using herbs, this will help release the oils into the salt, and if you’re using essential oils, this will help mix it throughout the salt.

When you take your bath, try staying in and relaxing for about 20 minutes before getting out. You should probably cleanse yourself in conjunction with cleansing your home, car and office space.

Clearing Negative Energy – Process Number Two

Process number two will also consist of cleansing negative energy from your home, and you can use this method if you feel your surroundings require more cleansing than was described in the first process. You can judge how much negativity a space has accumulated by the situations or
the people that have occupied them.

Especially at home and in your car. In your space at work, it also depends on the pressure, stress, jealousy, hatred, envy and other negative emotions that have come in and lingered in your office or over your desk. If you chose to do this method at work, it would probably be best to come in earlier than the others.

Okay, you will need to purchase sea salt – if you don’t already have it – and a sage smudge stick. The sage smudge stick is just leaves of sage that have been dried and tied together, but they are excellent for cleansing away negative energy. They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online from any new age store, and even at Amazon.com if you prefer.

Cleansing Negative Energy From Your Home Negative Cleansing Kit

For this method, decide which room you’re going to start your cleansing in, then place a bowl of sea salt in the center of that room. Then light the sage smudge stick and wait until it begins to smoke.

Start in the right corner that happens to be closest to the door, then go clockwise around the room, letting the smoke rise from the baseboard all the way up the wall of the room.

As you go around the room, you may want to say a short prayer or affirmation about removing the negative energy from the room.

Let the smoke from the smudge stick build up a little in the corner of each room, because this is where negative energy tends to accumulate the most. Let the smoke flow over and under your furniture.

Since people are constantly sitting on it, it tends to hold on to negative energy very well, and when you come to a doorway or window, just run the smudge stick all around it. You will need to repeat the cleansing procedure in each room.

Start by placing the bowl of salt in the center of the room, and don’t forget to repeat your prayer or affirmation as you continue around each room. When you have completed the cleansing, dispose of the salt by getting it out of the house completely. Do not let the salt remain in the house, office or your car.

Cleansing Negative Energy From Yourself

When it comes to cleansing yourself, all you need to do is let the smoke from the smudge stick cover your entire body, beginning at your head and working down to your feet. When you get to your feet, let the smoke encircle them completely.

I personally don’t think it matters, since you are cleansing your surroundings anyway, but some people suggest cleansing yourself before and after cleansing your home. I believe either way is fine. Let you feelings be the judge on this.

Clearing Negative Energy – Process Number Three

The first step to healing your home and creating a haven and a sanctuary for you and your family is clearing any negative energy that may be preventing the warm, welcoming atmosphere you want in your home.

Negative energy, like the kind created by anger, a heated argument, an illness, or a period of depression, can build up in your home, and get in the way of creating the warm, loving atmosphere you want.

You know how people say, ‘If these walls could talk?’ Well, they do, in a way. Each room holds the energy of all the memories that took place there, unless they’ve been cleared. Once they are cleared, you will have made room for all the positive and loving memories you want to create, and that energy is what will welcome you when you come home!

Also, just before you start, take a few minutes to think through and get clear on your intention for the house and the results you expect…

Preparing Your Home…

You want to get the best results possible. So clean your house first and clear as much clutter as you can. Cleaning your home, opening all the doors, windows, cabinets and drawers, while letting the sunshine and fresh air in can be very effective for clearing negative energy.

While you have everything open, why not take your broom or a clean duster and gently brush the walls. Get behind all the doors and your closets. Sometimes negative energy can be cleared out just by breaking it up with a broom or duster.

To achieve maximum results, take all of your old stuff out of the closets and clear out any clutter (negative energy loves clinging to old stuff we hang onto, but no longer need. That’s because they both have similar vibrations). If you want to, try saying a positive affirmation, prayer, sing or play uplifting music while cleaning your home.

Negative energy doesn’t do well around the light-generating positive energy that this will create. You can also light an aromatherapy candle or incense in all your rooms, but keep them lit throughout the entire process. To help the negative energy disperse quickly, open a window in every room of you home…

Preparing Yourself…

Take a saltwater bath to clear your own energy Drink a full glass of water just before you start the clearing process

Healing Your Home…

Healing your home involves doing the energy work exercise. You have to visualize the type of space you want to create in your home. Above you were asked to get clear on your intention for your home and the results you expect. You also need to focus on and dedicate your home to that intention. It could be creativity, spiritual growth, peace, harmony, etc.

This exercise puts you and your home on the same vibrational path. Again, you must mist every room using salt water that has an essential oil added to it. Lemon, sage or cedarwood are okay to use. While misting each room, keep your intent and purpose in mind. You might also want to say a small prayer of dedication or affirmation.

Next, light a sage smudge stick. Start in the right corner that happens to be closest to the door, then go clockwise around the room, letting the smoke rise from the baseboard all the way up the wall of the room while repeating your dedication prayer or affirmation.

Get a bowl of sea salt and sprinkle a little in every corner. After 24 hours vacuum up the salt and dispose of it. Get it out of the house! You can also dissipate negative energy that is stuck in the corners by using sound. Clapping into every corner can accomplish this.

In Conclusion

Clearing negative energy from your surroundings is a wide and diverse subject, and can easily become more involved than I have covered here. However this article only provides a few simple versions of commonly used procedures. If you feel out of your depth, then commission a professional to do the work for you. But for simple, regular clearing, most people are perfectly capable of doing the work themselves.

You can also place some live fresh flowers in the room after the clearing to help promote positivity. But, do not place them in the room until after the cleansing ceremony is complete.

Some Other Tips

  • If the smell of burning sage doesn’t appeal to you, try Nag Champa an incense stick.
  • You can mist the room with Holy water or place certain crystals in each corner of the room.
  • To effectively cleans your entire home, do each room, even the basement, attic and the garage.
  • Broken household items hold on to negative energy. Throw away anything broken.
  • Do not leave the burning smudge stick unattended. It burns for hours if not put out completely.
  • Do not save or reuse the salt that has absorbed the negativity from your surroundings.
  • Try repeating your prayer with each of these energy-clearing techniques.

Remember to always set, visualize, and focus on your purpose and intention for the space you clear. Cleansing negative energy leaves a void that needs to be filled, and t should be filled with up-lifting, positive energy… not more negative energy.

Where To Buy Your Supplies

Sage, sage smudge sticks, holy water, essential oils, herbs and crystals or gemstones can be purchased at any new age shops either online or in your town. Aromatherapy candles, incense, Epsom salt, sea salt and kosher salt can be purchased at any discount store like Walmart, Target or K-Mart. You can also check out Amazon.com and see what they have.

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in learning a little about how to use crystals to practice the universal laws, then please read this article.

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