Clip On Bangs

Clip-on bangs? Yes, please! What a great way to play with hairstyles without having to cut your hair! These hairpieces are such a great alternative to cutting your hair; like most women, you may be scared to make drastic changes to your hair. However, you don’t have to cut your own hair to have bangs! Also, if you are waiting on your natural hair growing out process, clip-on bangs would be the easiest and most beneficial solution.

Who Are They For?

A fringe can instantly change a woman’s look. If you like switching hairstyles, you are tempted to cut bangs, you’d like to know how they’d look on you, or you simply want a new look, then clip-on bangs are the right choice for you. They are inexpensive (if you know where to buy them), easy to apply, comfortable and stylish!

What Are The Benefits of Having Clip-On Bangs?

The benefits of this hairpiece are numerous. Use it to spice up your hairstyles, feel better about your looks and surprise people with your new ‘haircut.’ Here’s a list of great characteristics attributed to clip-on bangs by women who purchased and enjoyed the benefits of this useful hair accessory:

  • Only an expert eye of a hairstylist would recognize fake bangs. Other than that, you’ll have to take your clip-on bangs off to prove that your fringe is not real.
  • Most clip-on bangs have many highlights and lowlights, which make them look more realistic.
  • They can be made of real human hair, but in this case the price will be around $100+. However, there are synthetic clip-on bangs which look and feel natural plus you can find them at affordable prices.
  • Clip-on bangs have a little bump in the center back, but the bump can be perfectly unnoticeable if you tease your hair a bit or disguise the edge of the bangs with your own hair.
  • Most clip-on bangs have side pieces meant to blend with your hair and they end up looking like layers.
  • Most of them have long sides which can be wrapped in a ponytail or kept loose to frame your face and give you a very cute look. You can achieve different looks by letting the longer hair on the sides frame your face or tucking it behind the ears!
  • If you have thin hair, they cover up the thinness and make it look like you have more hair.
  • They are user-friendly, soft, light, comfortable and secure.
Things You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Most reviews about this product are positive, but you’ll find some negative experience reports. Therefore, in order to avoid possible surprises or disappointments, you should know a few things before you make a decision and purchase your own clip-on bangs.

  • Finding the right color can be tricky if you are shopping online. The color of your clip-on bangs doesn’t have to be an exact match (but it should be pretty close to your natural color, of course) – it’s about how well they blend with your own hair and this depends on how you use them.
  • Usually, they are longer than you would expect, but only so that you could have your clip on bang extension cut into long, blunt, wispy, side swept or some other bang style of your choice.
  • If you purchase a product which isn’t an exact match with your own hair color, you can still wear it when the lights are dimmed (like in a club) without anybody noticing a difference.
  • If you don’t want to take the time or trouble to use your own hair to hide the area where the bangs meet your hair, you can always put a thin little headband behind the edge of the bangs and it will be completely unnoticeable.
  • Unnatural clip-on bangs may look very shiny, but there are simple ways to correct this potential downside (check the tips below).
  • If you are not happy with how you look with bangs, you can turn the clip-on bang extension around, put it in backwards and you’ll accomplish a perfect salon blowout (at home).
Tips on Using Clip-On Bangs For The Best Look

Check out these tips on how to use clip-on bangs and make sure you achieve the best look possible:

  • Take a few extra moments to blend the bangs in with your hair. You can even add some hair pins.
  • If you have blond hair with variations, or lighter ends, use a little bit of matte mineral makeup and apply it minimally towards the roots of the hairpiece (with a thick brush), and then drag some of the color through the hairpiece. It will look more realistic that way.
  • If the bangs are shiny, dust them with a little baby powder and comb through to take the shine right out. Also, there are specialized products that eliminate synthetic hair shine if you are not comfortable with baby powder.
  • Wash the bangs as instructed by the producer, style it dry, like for example, with cold curlers.
  • If your hair becomes lighter in the summer, you may want to use one summer color clip-on bang extension and another one – dark – for winter time.
  • If you’ve got damaged hair from coloring and/or frizzy hair, use a frizz control conditioner on it because synthetic hair is very straight. The bangs texture will match your own hair better that way.
  • If you wear the bangs side swept, but would like a blunt look, you may want to get another pair and trim them to accomplish the Jessica Simpson Hairdo style.

Ken Paves Hair Extensions

Ken Paves is a famous star stylist who has worked with a number of celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan and others. You must have noticed that all celebrities love clip-on bangs! Together with Jessica Simpson, an American recording artist, actress, television personality, and fashion designer who launched a line of hair and beauty products and designed fragrances, shoes and handbags for women, Ken Paves created a line of hair extensions including clip-on bangs accessible to all women, even those on a thin budget. His motto is:

‘Don’t cut it! Clip it!

Clip On Bangs - Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson clip-on bangs (designed by Ken Paves) have a blunt look and work on almost any face shape. They’re an instant, affordable alternative to a permanent cut.

Jessica Simpson Hairdo Clip-On Bangs

If real human hair pieces are too expensive for you and you want to save yourself the salon visit, there is an easy solution to your troubles! Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson clip-on bangs are the most popular alternative – inexpensive, but not just any cheap shiny knock-offs that look like Barbie doll hair.

The bangs work best if you already have a fringe to start with, but they will work well if you don’t have your own bangs, too, and even if you have thin hair. If you don’t have a fringe and want to wear your clip-on bangs straight across, you may find them a bit thin, but if you wear them side swept, they’ll look great! On the other hand, some women mentioned that they were too thick, however, they were designed in such a way to make it work for every face shape – if they are too long or too thick for you, you can trim them yourself or have a hairstylist do it for you, and thin them if needed.

These clip-on bangs are made of heat friendly, synthetic True2Life fibers (100% polyester made in Japan, hairpiece made in China) which can be curled, straightened, or browed dry, depending on your style preference. Any style will stay locked in place until heat-styled again. Hair tools can help making your bangs blend with your own hair naturally, and because these fibers are heat resistant (up to 350 degrees), you may use a flat iron or curling iron on them prior to application.

How To Use Clip-On Bangs

Clip-on bangs are very easy to clip in, easy to figure out, easy to take on and off. Follow these three simple steps to attach your clip-on bangs:

  1. Brush your hair away from face. Separate your hair.
  2. The bangs come with three clips to hold it in place, placed in a triangle, which makes a much more secure and realistic hold (one satisfied owner of these clip-on bangs said that she could now whip her hair back and forth like Willow Smith :)) Having them stay put without slippage will make you feel comfortable. Bend the clip-on bangs and they will pop open. With a little practice, you’ll see that it’s not difficult to get the clip-ons to stay in place.
  3. You can clip in the extensions in two ways: beginning with the center clip and then attaching the two side clips or beginning with the two bottom clips then attach center clip. Tousle your hair a little after putting them in and nobody will be able to tell where the hair stops and the clip-in starts. Don’t put them in too high, instead add volume to your hair just enough to hide the closure. It is recommended by the designer to slide into hair about 1/4′ from your hairline, starting with your center clip, then secure side clips.

Don’t forget, for a customized look, trim the bangs to your desired style.

Apply Clip-In Bangs Step 1Put On Clip-Ons Step 2Clip-On Bangs

Jessica Simpson Clip On Bangs Color

At the Hairdo Amazon store, there are 13 colors available:

Jessica Simpson Clip On Bangs Color

Description Number
Chestnut R10
Chocolate Copper R6/30H
Ebony R2
Ginger Blonde R25
Golden Wheat R14-88H
Midnight Brown R4
Honey Ginger R14-25
Buttered Toast R1416T
Glazed Straberry R29S
Dark Chocolate R6
Ginger Brown Light R830

If you come across numbers R22 and R21T, R22 is for ‘Swedish Blonde’ and R21T for Sandy Blonde.

If you want to purchase different Hairdo hair pieces, consider purchasing their color ring first.

Find The Color That Matches Your Natural Hair

Some reviews say that the only downside of the Hairdo clip-on bangs is the color – all color selections are made from a blend of seven to 12 shades. However, it doesn’t have to be an exact match – placing the clip properly will do the trick and it will blend naturally with your hair. I’ve collected a few tips that you may find useful if you decide to get the Hairdo clip-on bangs:

  • If you have semi-dark brown hair with some lighter hues, R6 would be perfect.
  • The ‘Midnight brown’ has some dark brown hair in it, but it’s not entirely black. So, if you’ve got black hair with a brownish tint to it, or dark brown hair, ‘midnight brown’ will blend in with your hair perfectly.
  • The ‘Medium red brown’ is not very reddish or coppery, but it has a natural-looking amount of multi-tonal warmth to it.
  • ‘Ebony’ looks black (for the most part), but it is also a little brownish in some lighting. It could be classified as dark brown.
  • If your hair is brownish, ‘Chestnut’ might be too light for your hair. It also has a reddish tint to it, so it may not be the right color for you if you have an ash tint to your hair.
  • If you have medium or slightly dark brown hair with reddish highlights, ‘Chocolate Copper’ may be the perfect match for you.
  • If you’ve got light brown hair, then ‘Ginger’ may be the best color choice.

If you are sure that the color of the bangs isn’t a match with your own natural hair, don’t open the box and you’ll be able to return the product at a restocking fee. If you do open the box, they won’t accept the return.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price ranges from $13 dollars up to $150+ dollars. You may find them cheaper on ebay (not the Hairdo collection), but their quality is questionable.

If You’re On a Budget

$15 to $20 dollars is still cheap for the fact that they can completely transform your look without going to the salon and making a permanent commitment to bangs. Of course, the $100+ clip-on bangs are made of real hair, but not everybody can afford them – and, who cares when for a much lower price you can still find a great quick solution to bad hair mornings! You may even be tempted to buy another pair in a lighter or darker color to trim or otherwise style differently, or simply to play and have fun with.

Clip-on bangs – once you have them, you love them!