Clothes for Your Children When You’re Unemployed

Being unemployed doesn’t have to mean you can’t buy clothes for your children. Circumstances differ from home to home but children’s clothes usually need to be replaced more often than adults. Young children seem to outgrow their clothes overnight or they wear them out in no time. This need to replace clothes makes it hard on the family budget especially when you’re unemployed. However there are several things in your favor when it comes to buying clothes for children and teens.

By shopping for clothes at yard sales, discount stores, consignment shops, and department store sales you can find some great clothes for your children. This can also become a teachable moment for your children if you challenge them to get jobs to help buy their clothes.

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When you’re out of work every penny counts so you have to spend wisely when you buy clothes for children. You’re going to get more bang for your buck at yard sales and discount clothing retailers. You can also get some good deals on kid’s clothes at consignment shops.

Some people have yard sales to make a second income so they aren’t just cleaning out their garages, attics, and closets. They’re selling quality clothing for boys and girls that you and your children will like. Your children will like the style and you’ll like the price. Yard sales can be a great buy whether you’re unemployed or not.

You can think of consignment shops as continuous indoor yard sales on steroids. They have the same advantages as yard sales with a continuous supply of children’s clothing. Here’s a tip. Look for consignment shops on the “prosperous” side of town. They get nice children’s clothes from people on that side of town.

Don’t rule out getting clothes for your children from a church. Many churches have ministries that give clothes and shoes to whoever wants them no questions asked.

Getting clothes for your children at discount stores and at “sales” may cost a bit more than at some of the places mentioned above but it can still be a good way to save money on good children’s clothes when you’re unemployed. Here’s another tip. When you shop for children’s clothes at major department stores, ask if they have any unadvertised special deals or offers on children’s clothes. Do these things and you’ll be sure to save money when you buy clothes for your children when you’re unemployed.