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Cloud Backup Robot – The Ultimate Backup Automation Software

Data backup process has always been a pain in the butt activity for a majority of computer users. This is regardless of the expertise level, whether one is a novice or a professional. This in itself has meant that a majority of us never dare to back up our files and data. The result of this is disaster after disaster, with lots of money spent on data recovery efforts when disaster strikes.

This does not have to be the case anymore. The solution comes in the name of Cloud Backup Robot (https://cloudbackuprobot.com), a software program for Windows-based computers that allows you to back up your data easily and conveniently.

What’s in Cloud Backup Robot?

To start with, this software solution for data backup comes with a very user-friendly interface. This makes it very easy to use and operate even for the most novice amongst us. It is more of step by step software that prompts you on what you need to do in order to get the desired result. This ease of operation replicates right from the software installation process after downloading it, all the way to its use.

At the same time, the software allows you to schedule your back up process. This means that you can automate the entire backup process such that it happens at specific days and times of the week. All you have to do is set up a backup schedule and the software will do the rest. You can now forget about data back up and focus on your work forever.

The Cloud Backup Robot, which you can download here, also gives you the option to save your backup files on your computer, which may not be very safe and secure, or on the cloud, which comes with more reliability, efficiency and flexibility. In the cloud, the software supports a variety of storage providers including the most common ones like Dropbox and Google Drive.


A major challenge with data backup is the organization of the backed up files as well as having data replicas. Most of the time, when one backs up data manually, the result is a disorganized and cluttered storage. With this software solution, you get organized results that help you save on storage space and avoid cluttering. The program skips unnecessary files during the backup process and deletes copies of your backup files that are not necessary.

For the developers and other system administrators, they enjoy the Microsoft SQL Server backup, including Azure, all without having to suspend the MS SQL Server work. At the same time, you enjoy a one-click recovery of data and removal of duplicate backup data that may cause confusion or take up disk space unnecessarily.

All these features demonstrate how powerful this backup software solution is. You can try it out first by getting the demo version, which again shows how much confidence the creators of this software product have with this backup solution. It simply offers the one solution you have been looking for to automate and simplify your data backup process on your Windows platform. Get it today.

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