Coconut Oil – Why Should You Use It

Coconut plays an important role in various traditions and cultures in the world as it has medicinal and culinary uses. Many Ayurveda medicines contain coconut as it’s considered as a very effective ingredient for cleansing. It also improves cardiovascular system, strengthens the muscles and improves complexion.

The Benefits

To highlight how beneficial coconut really is, lets mention it’s health benefits. It helps in various simple health conditions like jaundice, constipation, toothache, swelling, colds, scabies, sore throat, scurvy and burns. Coconut oil is used in more complex products like soaps, cosmetics and detergents.

Besides cosmetic purposes, coconut is used for culinary purposes as well as it has a specific flavor. Many health benefits of coconut are a good reason for humans to use it, but it seems coconut oil will become even more popular. I say this because there is a research underway and it is supposed to prove that coconut can be used as a biofuel.

Different Types Of Coconut Oil

Four most popular coconut oil types exist today and they are refined oil, virgin, fractionated and hydrogenated oil. They are all a little bit different from each other. For example, we extract RDB from the kernels of coconuts. It’s main use is for commercial or industrial purposes as it doesn’t have any aroma or taste. Fractionated oil, on the other side, is used for medical purposes. It is made by fractionation where the long chain fatty acids are removed and medium chain fatty acids are used.

Hydrogenated oil is not the best option when it comes to health benefits. It’s made with the help of high pressure, where hydrogen bubbles are produced, so the oil will last longer. Since this type of oil has a lot of transfats, it’s not the best choice. On the other hand, virgin coconut oil is the best choice. It is made with the help of natural processes only where no chemicals are used.

Virgin oil is good for culinary purposes, as well as for anything else. It’s the healthiest option as it’s made without use of any chemicals. You can make this oil at home, by yourself. Read the book at if you want to find out more about the entire process. It’s a useful and information rich book that will tell you everything you need to know about coconut oil.