Coffee and Blood Pressure – The Health Benefits of Coffee

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Coffee is Delicious

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There is nothing like starting your morning off with a hot and delicious cup of coffee. However, one thing many coffee drinkers have debated over the years are the health benefits and health risks associated with drinking coffee. While coffee is used for a quick jolt of energy on those early mornings, it is also enjoyed throughout the day. This is especially true since the advent of Starbucks, flavored coffee, and iced coffee for even hot days. With so many people drinking more coffee than ever, it is no wonder that many more are now concerned with the health benefits of drinking coffee than ever.

Obviously, coffee can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. First of all, there are the typical decanter coffees that you purchase at the grocery store. Even these varieties are available in a multitude of flavors, with a taste suited for any and every tongue. Secondly, coffee is best prepared in a French Press, according to the coffee taste testers, and even in this coarse ground bean drink, the coffee beans can be flavored, roasted, and grown using different methods to suit any flavor preference. However, coffee does not have to be enjoyed hot or black. In fact, many people hate regular coffee, and opt for other options.

Iced Coffee is the New Trend

A great delight in the summertime is the ability to drink coffee without having to drink a hot beverage. Hot coffee, while delicious, is also difficult to consume on hot days. Iced coffee is typically made by cooling regular coffee to room temperature, mixing it with milk, cream, sugars and flavors, and then pouring it over ice. Many people enjoy these drinks daily, and some even liken them to desserts or treats, even allowing their kids to consume these beverages. Therefore, it is important to know whether or not coffee can be dangerous to your health, and to the health of your children. It is obvious that caffeine is not good for kids, but there are other health factors that should be taken into consideration if you are concerned about the health benefits of drinking coffee.

Enough Already! Tell me about the health benefits!

Over the years, any benefits and risks associated with drinking coffee have been debated, and while some risks have been proven factual, many more benefits have been found. For instance, those who consume coffee regularly throughout adulthood are less vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease, gallstones, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes. This may be due to the fact that coffee beans are high in antioxidants, which aid the human body in removing “oxidants,” or toxins. Since consuming adequate amounts of antioxidants are needed to stay healthy, and since the western diet has become so poor in recent decades, coffee is actually one of the most frequent ways antioxidants are consumed by adult Americans who don’t eat fruits or vegetables.

Of course, there is also a dark side to this tale. Naturally, coffee contains an extremely high amount of caffeine. While caffeine provides a great boost of energy, it can also cause heart issues, including high blood pressure, risk of heart attack, and other serious issues. Since high blood pressure is often the least serious precursor to other major conditions, it is important to note this link between coffee and blood pressure. Coffee is also acidic, which is bad for teeth and those who suffer from acid reflux. However, with all of the health risks, one major thing needs to be taken into consideration: frequency of consumption, and the amount consumed.

As with anything else, moderation is key. While there are no established limits in place for the health benefits of coffee, it has been noted that one or two cups of coffee a day is safe. Aside from all of the internal benefits coffee can have, the type of caffeine that is contained in coffee is also said to benefit the aging process. This means that coffee can help you age more slowly, and actually help you live longer. However, drinking in excess of two cups a day could potentially shorten your life span and cause serious health issues, so just remember to drink in moderation.

Coffee is Healthy! …in moderation, that is

There you have it. Enjoy that hot cup of coffee in the morning, and maybe even a nice iced coffee during a hot summer afternoon. Coffee benefits health and aging, and it is a delicious way to consume antioxidants. Broaden your horizons beyond popular brands and your decanter coffee maker. It actually takes less time to make coffee with a french press (I’ve timed it!), and French Press coffee is the best coffee I have ever had. It’s nothing like that bitter stuff that drips out of a paper filter. It’s oily, dark, rich and flavorful, and has even been compared to the subtle flavor notes you get when you drink wine. There are dozens of other ways to enjoy and prepare coffee too, so take your pick and give it a shot. It can be good for you, just remember to drink in moderation, so you can continue enjoying coffee forever without all the guilt!


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