Cole Corn Planter Plates

What do you know about cole corn planter plates? Most people living in cities don’t know where the food they eat comes from and they probably don’t care either. That is because technology has made many people think that food comes from supermarkets. To a certain extent, that is true but where did the supermarkets get the food they sell to their customers? For example, the sweet corn that most people enjoy during their barbecue has an interesting story. How long do you think it will take to plant the corn seeds that feed the US population for a month, if you were to do it manually? It will literally take months and a lot of people will starve waiting. That is why someone had the good idea of inventing the Cole Corn Planter.

With the use of Cole corn planters comes also the need for plates to help sow seeds for different type of plants. There are Cole corn planter plates for sowing pumpkins, beans, cucumber and peas seeds. At times a single plate can be used for different types of seeds. With frequent use, you might need to replace your planter plates and be able to find one when you need it. When you buy a new Cole planter, you often get multiple plates to go with it.

Major agriculture machine manufacturers like John Deere sell Cole corn planter plates for their own brands of planters. Compared to what a lot of agriculture machine parts cost, the Cole corn planter plates are affordable and you can get one from eBay for as little as $10. That said, you need to make sure you get the correct reference number for the brand and type of plates you need.

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money buying new Cole corn planter with plates, there are many used ones available for purchase. The manual planters are often used by people who don’t have to plant acres of seeds. They are cheaper and will come with various corn planter plates. The can be purchased for as little as a hundred dollars. The Cole planters that can be attached to a tractor for larger productions are more expensive and cost thousands of dollars. An example of this is the cole 12 Mx multiflex planter. There are many other Cole corn planter plates that you can explore and use when farming or just checking out what’s out there.