Collapsible Water Bottle – The best water bottle

If you are looking for a way to help the environment, you should stop looking for a collapsible water bottle. Why? There are multiple reasons.

Reusable Water Bottles – How Water Bottles with Logo Don’t Fit in

In some sort of way it has slipped in that we are looking for a plastic water bottle where we can drink from. This is obviously pretty weird, as most of the countries we live in have clean drinking water from the tap, for close to free.

Of course, you could buy a plastic water bottle with a logo on it and just keep reusing it, but this somehow doesn’t work. After refilling it a couple of times you throw it away, not taking the effort to clean it out and you go out and buy a new one – these bottles are close to free as well!

But that is where it goes wrong. The bottled water you are drinking doesn’t come from a tap close to your house, they come from special sources in the mountains or something and they have to be shipped to a store nearby. This means there are actually trucks driving around with bottles of water in it, the most ironic part? These trucks cannot be stuffed completely full because all of that water is too heavy! The trucks are not even half full.

It becomes more and more obvious to us we have to reuse our water bottles with tapped water, but why are plastic water bottles you buy in the store not good enough? It all comes down to psychology.

When you are going to the store to buy a bottle of water you are not buying the bottle itself. Well, you are, but you are not thinking about this. You are in the store to buy the content of the bottle, not the bottle itself.

And therefor you should go out and buy a water bottle, instead of bottled water! There are a lot of good looking bottles out there. The best water bottle? Probably a camelbak water bottle. Comes in all colors and the price is really low.