News Collecting Autographs from Minor League Baseball Players

Collecting Autographs from Minor League Baseball Players


Autograph collecting through the mail is an easy, fun hobby. Targeting the younger players in the minor leagues is another dimension of autograph collecting. It is exciting to know that you may have the opportunity to watch these young players in the major leagues someday. Keep some important things in mind when getting autographs through the mail from minor league baseball players.

  1. Send your requests during the baseball season. Many minor league players have jobs in the off-season or they play in winter ball leagues. Many of these winter ball leagues are located either in the South West region of the US, or in Latin American countries. Either way, the players won’t likely be available to collect and autograph mail outside of the regular season.
  2. Send your requests to the players team. It’s not easy to find home addresses for minor leaguers. Unless they’re bouncing around between the majors and other levels, you won’t find an accurate home address. If you do find one, it is probably their parent’s address. In which case the letter will be held there until season’s end. Minor league players are also more likely to be traded than major leaguers so their home addresses may not remain constant. Sending autographs requests to the players during the season is your best bet.
  3. Follow TTM best practices. TTM stands for: Through The Mail. There are some basic, simple methods to employ that will help your card get signed by being more considerate to the players. Review some TTM best practices and follow them for best results.
  4. Send requests at the beginning or middle of the season. Just like the Major Leagues, some Minor League teams play longer than others (due to the playoffs). If you wait too long to send your request, it may not arrive until the players have left for the winter.
  5. Check team rosters before mailing requests. As stated previously, minor leaguers get traded often and they are also promoted and demoted with regularity. Before mailing your autograph request, check the team website and make sure the player is still on the team’s roster. This way you avoid mailing a request to the wrong team.
  6. Be patient. I have had players return autographed cards within a week. I have also waited 13 months for some requests to be returned. My overall success rate (the number of cards returned signed) is about 40%. The requests I send to minor league players is higher, around 55%. This is a hobby that requires patience. If you can wait, you will be rewarded.

Good luck building your autograph collections. I have found that seeking minor league baseball player autographs through the mail is a fun and easy way to see my collection grow.

Collecting Autographs from Minor League Baseball Players
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