College Dorm Snacks Ideas – Cheap and Fast to Make

If you are in college and live in a dorm, your food options are limited so you will want to know what the best college dorm snacks are to make. It’s important that these snacks are both cheap and fast to make. You will most likely have a microwave and a tea kettle to boil water, and a refrigerator, so you must work with what you have.

The best, healthiest college dorm snacks I know of are the following:

– Protein bars or protein powder. At less than $2 a serving for the powder, this will fill you up and keep you healthy. The bars are also priced cheaply, especially if you buy them in bulk.

– Healthy chips and popcorn. Easy and fast to make and pretty cheap!

– Frozen dinners that you can make in your microwave. Some of them are healthier than others.

– Soups that are healthy, NOT Ramen!

– Pop tarts, if you have a toaster.

– Peanuts or pecans.

– Cereals. You can obviously eat these for breakfast but you can also have them as a snack.

Tips on Saving Money on Food in College

– An essential item for a college dorm room is definitely a hot water plate or a tea kettle which can boil water within seconds. You can then make any soup you want or you can make tea, coffee, or instant oatmeal or mac and cheese. You can get one for about $30 bucks.

– Try buying food in bulk to save money in college. Many cereal or snacks can be bought in bulk, which will definitely save you money.

– Make your own homemade food recipes in your dorm room. Get creative! I like to mix tortilla chips with american cheese and sour cream for nachos.

– You can buy beans, shredded cheese and sour cream and microwave them for a couple of minutes together to make a killer dip.

Cheap Meals for College Students

– If you don’t mind eating something less unhealthy, then Ramen is an obvious choice because it’s so cheap.

– Also consider buying peanut butter in bulk because you can put it on just about anything to make a snack.

What are you favorite fast and cheap college dorm snacks to eat?