College Freshmen Fears and How to Overcome Them

A Variety of Solutions for College Freshmen Fears 

The warm welcome freshmen receive on the first day does nothing to alleviate their college freshmen fears; the terrible homesickness, the loneliness, the fear and anxiety. These feelings can often be made worse when they look around and see that most of the other students seem to know at least some of the other students there. College freshmen fears can be lessened just by knowing that a Residence Assistant on campus will live in the dorm they are in and that they will make sure that the students get along together and sort out any disagreements that threaten to disrupt the peace of the dorm.

Sometimes it doesn’t help to tell a college freshman that he or she is in the same boat as many other young people entering college and university for the first time. Without a doubt, the most fear will be for those young people who will be living away from home for the first time and who will have to adjust to sharing living quarters with strangers.

College Freshmen FearsThe Resident Assistant is a Freshman’s Ally

The Resident Assistant will also try to create a sense of camaraderie among the students and also make sure that the rules are obeyed. They know all the ropes and are there to offer all kinds of friendly and helpful assistance to freshmen who feel overwhelmed and like a fish out of water.

There are a few other things that can certainly help a freshman to settle into campus life with more ease and less pain. It is easy when you are outgoing and friendly, but how do you get into the swing of things when you are shy and introverted? Nothing should get you down, and there are certain steps you can take to ease yourself into college life.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Make use of the clubs and groups on college campuses to your advantage. If you join groups where the students share your major you will immediately be connecting with people who share a common interest. Get your goals sorted out and know exactly what you want to achieve at college because, armed with this information, you can seek out groups who are interested in the same kinds of things you are and who share your values.

Don’t isolate yourself. Even if you don’t have any friends on campus, become involved in programs and activities that interest you.  By doing so you are guaranteed to find someone just like you; someone who has the same fears and trepidation, but who has made an effort to make the best of college life.

Freshmen Suddenly Have to Manage Their TimeCollege Freshmen Fears

It goes without saying that a student’s workload will increase and become more challenging and much harder than what it was in high school.  Suddenly you find that for the first time you have to manange your time in order to stay on top of studying and socializing as well as  participating in extracurricular programs and sport activities.

If you feel that you are not coping, and your first year at college is turning out to be one huge mistake, there are resources on campus where you can get academic and personal help. Campus ministries, your adviser or the counseling center are just some of the resources that offer confidential as well as caring help with adjusting to college life. Students will be advised on how to plan and prioritize to keep up with their busy schedule.

College Can Be a Culture Shock for Some Freshmen

It is true that many college students are not prepared for what college life is like and they have no experience when it comes to balancing all the different aspects of college life. For some students, college life is a huge culture shock. They see and hear things that they have been protected from, they don’t like the new relationships they are forced to develop, and often they sink into a deep depression because they don’t want to disappoint their parents, and yet they are. This in itself can lead to other problem like losing an interest in studying, getting poor grades and a low self-esteem.

College Freshmen FearsCollege Can Become a Calm and Happy Environment Again

Getting students to get help early once these signs are detected will be a lifeline to the student, tiding them over a difficult period. There are many success stories of students who have had their lives turned around at college completely for the better and have been able to look at their freshman year as a time and place where they developed self-discipline, were able to climb out of their pit of despair and settle down to a period of worthwhile purpose.

Colleges are becoming more aware about college freshmen fears and they are trying every which way they can to reach out to students who are battling to settle into campus life  and who portray signs of losing hope and becoming depressed. Colleges are expanding their counseling services and including depression preventative programs to help students to overcome college freshmen fears.

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