Colleges in Dallas Texas for Nursing

If you are looking to take your life to the next step by becoming a nurse then you will need to find a reputable nursing school first. There are actually quiet a few schools and colleges in Dallas Texas for nursing so I will be giving you a brief overview of each one here.

These schools are accredited and will teach you everything you need to know in order to licensed or registered in Texas. I tried to include everything I could think of but if there is anything else you would like to know then don’t hesitate to ask either through a comment or sending me a message directly.

El Centro College

This is a community college that is located at 801 Main ST in Dallas. It has a few different nursing programs including an associate degree nursing program, LVN to RN bridge program, vocational nursing program and a perioperative nursing internship.

The associate degree nursing program is 71-credit hours and you’ll receive an associate of applied science degree. This program is full-time and should take 4 semesters to complete. Once complete you will be able to sit for the state exam to become a registered nurse.

The LVN to RN bridge program is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a program for LVN to complete the education requirements to become an RN. It takes 2 semesters going full-time.

The vocational nursing program is 51-credit hours and will take you 12 months to complete and they require you go full time.

The perioperatice nursing internship is a small program for RN’s to receive for knowledge directly related to surgical care. This program is done at hospitals doing rotations.

Texas Woman’s University

This college is located at 5500 southwestern Medical Ave in Dallas. It offers three bachelor’s programs for nursing and a wide range of master programs. I will only cover the 3 bachelor programs here since you will need to complete one of these before moving on to any of the master programs.

The first one is the Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing. This is a 4 year program that is full-time. The program is excellent and it has a higher pass rate for the licensure exam then the state or national average. Before being accepted you will need to provide proof of CPR training, that you are current on immunizations and submit to a drug test and background check.

The second program is fully online and is only for those that are currently RN’s but only hold an associates. The program is completed full-time should take a year, however, most students are working and choose to go part-time.

The last option is a weekend program and is only available to those who currently have a bachelors or masters degree in another field. This program is great for someone looking to change careers. It is a six-semester full-time program and you are required to be in class 5-9PM on Fridays and spend Saturday and Sunday doing clinical rotations.

Other Schools To Consider

The first two are definitely my favorite. The offer strong programs, taught by very experienced staff, have long histories and have amazing pass rates. However, sometimes your schedule or the location of the school makes it so you can not attend so here are a few more schools that you can investigate further.

Dallas Nursing Institute

Offers vocational nursing and an associate degree of nursing. It’s located at 12170 N Abrams rd Suite 20.

Baylor University

This school offers various courses like a bachelors in nursing, an accelerated program and more. They are located in Waco but they have a campus in Dallas that offers nursing courses.