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Colon Anatomy: Why Is It Important? – What Is It & How Does It Work?


When it comes to colon anatomy, you may have many questions. After all, one of the primary health risks today is colon cancer. Beyond that, there are many other different issues that can occur with the colon, which is a 5 to 6 foot long, U-shaped part of your large intestine, that can affect your health, so know what your colon is and how it functions in a healthy manner is something that is extremely important to know. So when it comes to colon anatomy, let’s take a look at the important points and hopefully answer a few questions you may have.

Three Parts To Your Colon?

Colon Anatomy: Why Is It Important? – What Is It & How Does It Work?

There are three primary parts to your colon. The first part of the colon anatomy, called the ascending colon, is where the food you eat initially goes. The ascending part of your colon, which is on the right side of your body, absorbs into your body some Vitamin K, water, and potassium, and also processes the food down to a more liquid state. It then squeezes any remaining materials upward and into the second part of your colon, called the transverse colon.

The transverse colon, which is the second part of colon anatomy, is a long, horizontal part of your colon that extends across your body. The waste materials that were sent into the transverse colon are analyzed by your body for any nutrient potential and if any is found, then the transverse colon absorbs as much of it as it can. Food stays in the transverse colon for quite some time because your body wants to make sure it has extracted as much of the nutrients that you put into your system as possible. Once this process has completed, the transverse colon sends whatever remains to the descending colon.

The descending colon, the third part of colon anatomy, is where the final waste material is stored until it is expelled from your body. While it is sitting there and waiting, your body will still analyze the fecal materials waiting to be expelled to insure that all useful materials have been absorbed before you have a bowel movement and get rid of the waste.

Keeping Proper Colon Health

Colon Anatomy: Why Is It Important? – What Is It & How Does It Work?

To be proactive and prevent colon problems, knowing your colon anatomy and what your colon needs is extremely beneficial. That’s because a proper diet and good daily choices can lead to less constipation, less gas, and a reduced risk of major medical complications like cancer. Eating foods that are high in fibers helps your body form the waste materials properly, while having lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps your body maximize nutrient absorption. Foods that are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin D are also very beneficial

So knowing your colon anatomy and what it takes to keep a healthy colon is extremely beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a comfortable lifestyle, and to reduce your worries and chances of having major medical problems that result from a poor diet and poor choices.

Colon Anatomy: Why Is It Important? – What Is It & How Does It Work?
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