Color Blindness Glasses

Correct Color Blindess With Glasses? According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Color Blindness is a condition that affects the eye’s nerve cells, in the retina, which differentiates pigment. The condition can range from just one missing pigment, causing the person to have trouble differentiating between green and red (which is the most common type of color blindness), to not being able to see color at all.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, also reports that the majority of people affected by color blindness is men. Roughly 10 million men are affected by color blindness. This is about 7 percent of the U.S. male population. This is compared to only .4 percent of women who are affected by this condition. So clearly, men are far more affected by color blindness than women.

Options For Color Blindness?

The condition is not curable and it is lifelong. However, there may be some options that you can look into such as Lasik eye surgery that could help alleviate the condition. Lasik eye surgery is often used to correct near-sightedness or far-sightedness, but has been used for colorblindess also. You will have to discuss this option with your doctor. Lasik surgery ranges from $2500 to about $5000 and up per eye. It is expensive, but it could possibly be an option.

If you can’t afford a $5000 eye surgery, you can try color blindness glasses. These glasses usually cost around $300 but is said to do a great job correcting color blindness.

Two local scientists named Mark Changizi and Tim Barber invented glasses with filters that help people see colors in order to detect oxygenation and hemoglobin changes in the human skin primarily for healthcare sector. The filters in these glasses were further enhanced to isolate certain colors to view veins distinctly. Used by the nursing profession to help location the perfect vein for injection sites, these fantastic glasses have found new use among those living with color blindness.

More About Color Blindness Glasses

The colorblindness glasses are really helpful especially when your work involves differentiating colors. Although, there is a misunderstanding that these O2Amps glasses are a cure for colorblindness, they really do not cure color blindness. They act as an aid for people with colorblindness enabling them to see reds, greens, yellows and so forth-but it is not a cure. People who have used these glasses have seen significant improvements when they are viewing colors. They have also passed color blindness test wearing these glasses.

O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics

O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics:

O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics is a protective eye wear developed with O2Amp technology. These wonderful glasses are lightweight and include fully adjustable and comfortable frames. They are also very fashionable. When you wear it for the first time, everything appears purple. When you get used to it, you will see a miraculous change in your vision.

O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics works great for people who have red-green colorblindness. Oxy-Iso optics brings more glorious colors into your world. You will be able to see reds and greens like the normal vision. O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics has UV protection and it also includes anti-static coatings. The glasses also come with anti scratch and anti-fog coatings.

O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics is slightly bigger than your usual sun glasses. Everything is not all roses with these glasses though, as they do not come with a case as they are actually designed for medical purposes. O2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics is a fairly expensive glasses but certainly a good aid for Ravenous Colorblindness. They cost around $300, however, it is a good option if you can’t afford surgery or refuse to have surgery.

Some people who have color blindness don’t look at it as a handicap. Who is to say they are not normal? They see themselves as unique because they can see what others can’t. So some people with color blindness may not want it permanently “corrected.” Color blindness glasses are a great option.

Let see if it really works for colorblindness. This is what a user of these glasses said:

“My first word when I put on the glasses: “Wow!” I’ve since used that word many, many times. On a 38 plate Ishihara test for red-green colorblindness I scored 50% without the glasses and 100% with them! Before these glasses, I had no idea how dull the world looked through my eyes. Reds really pop. So do blues” See more reviews here.

imageO2Amps: Oxy-Iso optics


O2Amps: Oxy-Amp, Oxy-Iso, Hemo-Iso Bundle

O2Amps: Oxy-Iso, Oxy-Amp-L1, Oxy-Amp-L2 Bundle

O2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (6 base)

If you already own O2Amps glasses and looking for a replacement or looking for a cheaper solution for colorblindness, you can buy O2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair. This great solution, blank lens, can also be fit to existing non O2Amp glasses as well. So if you have a frame that you already love, but want to fit it with the option of seeing more colors, then these blank lens are the way to go.

These are also great for cutting down to kiddie size frames.

Another great option for these lens is for people who have colorblindness but are professional photographers. You can have these color correction lens fitted to your camera to help you take better pictures.

O2Amp - Oxy-Iso Lens Blank PairThis 6 base blank pair is a cost effective solution for aiding color blindness. The 6 base curvature lenses are ideal for more flat lens. You need to just take them to your local optometrist to have them fixed in your existing frames. These sporty lenses include UV protection and exceeding ANSI requirements. O2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (6 base) costs $135.00.

imageO2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (6 base)

Price: $135.00

O2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (8-base)

O2Amp - Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (8-base):

If you have a less flat lens, you can choose this 8 base curvature pair. You can have them cut for the frames with the nearest optometrist. These glasses come with anit-scratch, anti-fog and anti-static coating. UV protection is also included. The glasses work great for red and green color blindness. You will get the O2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (8-base) at a price of $135.00.

imageO2Amp – Oxy-Iso Lens Blank Pair (8-base)

Price: $135.00

Whether you view color blindness as a handicap or as a blessing, there are options for you with these glasses and lens. Learn more about color blindness here.

Testing for Color Blindness

Ishihara Compatible Pseudoisochromatic Plate (PIPIC) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition by Dr. Waggoner

PseudoIsochromatic Plate Ishihara Compatible (PIPIC) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition by Dr. Terrace L. Waggoner is a great way to test your vision. This test includes both Tritan (blue/yellow deficiency) and Basic Color Vision test plates and it does include more plates in compliance with testing requirements for government agencies including the military.

You should always check with your doctor before using any of these products. Make sure they are compatible with you.


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