Colourful Summer Bulbs for Your Garden

Colourful, durable, elegant – One certainly falls short of words when starts describing the undying charm of Summer Bulbs. From incredible gladiolus to stunning lilies these charming flowers are sure to electrify your garden with some of the most spectacular colours. No wonder, the excellent resilience of summer bulbs make them a constant hit among both, green thumbs and beginners alike. The perfect season for the growth of these flowers is spring season when they easily get the required amount of sunlight and water. Alliums, Cannas and Agapanthus are few of the many varieties of summer bulbs that should be planted in spring, when the soil just begins to warm up. Now that you know what’s the best time to grow summer bulbs, the fun and excitement of selecting the right flowers begins! Choosing the right variety is most important as this is what decides how garden area will look like and which is the best flower for you. Gladiolus, the sword looking flower features spikes and boast a wide variety of colors. Dahlias and Begonias are two other varieties of summer flowers which no doubt will enhance the vistas of your home or garden. At Gardenesia you will find the best for your home or garden with all the varieties of flowers handpicked by our flower specialists and then delivered at your doorstep.

Another enthralling variety of flowers which promise to leave all your guests spellbound is Caladium Bulbs, perfect border plants. This exciting amalgamation of colourful flowers is perfect to be placed in window boxes and looks remarkable when planted in a random mix in beds. Most caladiums flourish best in partial shade and sun, while some varieties are more tolerant to sun and thus can even be planted in full sun area. Months from March to June are the best time to grow these flowers when the conditions are most suitable. These are available in two different types, the most common being “Fancy Leaf”. This knee high long flower is best suited for enhancing the décor of your dining room and the living area. “Strap & Dwarf” is another beautiful type caladium bulb which comparatively boasts smaller leaves, comparable to a salad plate.However, the most important factor to be taken care in the case of caladium bulbs is the fact these required extra for moisture and feeding. Flower specialists at Gardenesia strive to make your every requirement their own and then deliver you with the best.