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Combine and Convert PDF Easily Using pdfburger-com

They are everywhere today. Portable Document Format (PDF) documents are one of the most popular formats used to share information online. PDF offers a safe, easy and quick way to share and store data online. However, PDF files cannot be edited. There is therefore higher demand for software that can convert PDF files to editable formats.

There are various software tools available for download as well as online. Online tools are preferred because users don’t have to store the software locally. They can access it only when they need to. Many of these online tools will require that you register and log in to your account in order to access the conversion services.

Docs.Zone is one of the most popular online PDF converter tools available in the market today. It provides users with various functions for converting PDF documents.


The user interface at Docs.Zone is quite simple and fresh. There are no spammy advertisements to distract you. It is a right and proper website and every section is easily accessible from the menu bar at the top.

There are tables indicating different functions. Each function is clearly presented to make it easy to determine what you need to do to convert your files. This website must have one of the simplest interfaces available.

Converting PDF files

Converting PDF files has never been so easy. We started off with copying and pasting information from PDF files to word documents in an attempt to convert the documents to editable formats. We then moved on to dragging and dropping the files into the online PDF convertertools so as to convert them into different editable formats.

These processes were both cumbersome and time consuming. The conversion process on Docs.Zone is much simpler. The conversion tool can convert files directly from your hard disk. You simply browse and select the files that you want to convert. The conversion takes only a few seconds for simple documents.

Combining documents

Combining documents into a single PDF files previously involved copying and pasting information from the different sources into a single word document that would then be converted into a PDF file. There were many problems with this method of conversion. The first is that it takes a lot of time and effort copying and pasting information into a single document especially if you have to deal with large volumes of information.

The second drawback is that you were likely to lose the formatting and layout of the information in the transfer of the data. This was especially the case when dealing with different file formats e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Text. It was also the case when dealing with more complex layouts and formats used for presenting information.

Logging onto Docs.Zone reveals a simple way to handle information from different sources. The ‘combine files to PDF’ option enables you to combine various files into a single PDF file. The information is converted in a logical way. This ensures that the integrity of the information is retained. It also ensures that layouts and formats are retained during the conversion process.

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