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Commercial Business Recycling Equipment Benefits Revealed

Recycling has actually been in place for a lot longer than most people think. According to an article by Wikipedia.org, the first noted historical records for recycling date back to the early 1800s. In England, at the time, a few major beverage manufacturers began to offer money for returned beverage bottles. By the late 1800s, in Sweden, money was being offered for glass bottles as well. By the late 1900s, recycling was mandated by law in most countries in Europe and in the United States as well. Today, recycling has come leaps and bounds from its early days. Nowadays, most post consumer waste can be recycled. For forward thinking businesses, there are some innate benefits they enjoy by adding recycling equipment for internal processing.

Cost Effectiveness
Businesses that take a forward step with recycling also have to understand that they will need to allocate the appropriate man hours for doing so. As opposed to using smaller shredders and other standard equipment, with the proper sized commercial equipment in place, employees can shred a lot more materials at one time. For example, as opposed to stringing paper in feeds into the machine, collection bins can simply be emptied at the end of the collection period. These powerful machines are able to then shred, crush and compact the recycled goods to prepare them for pickup and transport to a nearby facility.

Onsite Sorting
Adding sorting stations onsite can save an entity time and money. Receptacles that are clearly labeled can recycle glass, paper, plastic and other elements. These bins make it easy to sort recyclables onsite because employees simply choose the appropriate bin to toss the post consumer waste into. Glass and cans can be resold at the state offered rate (in the U.S.), which will help to offset any internal costs that are incurred by implementing recycling options for a business.

Recycling equipment

Local Pickup
Getting on board the “going green” bandwagon should be a top priority for all businesses. Thanks to a number of local pickup services, recycling has never been easier or as economical. Most cities feature several services providers that will come and pick up recycling on site, even if the recycling plant does not offer local pickup slots. If more businesses added the appropriate machinery to their facilities, countless more post consumer content could be successfully recycled and reused each year.

Privacy Issues Addressed
One benefit of having recycling equipment in place at your business is that confidentiality and privacy issues can be more easily addressed. Businesses commonly have a need to shred paperwork, confidential documents, disks, hard drives and even circuit boards and CDs or DVDs. With the appropriate equipment in place, these items can be securely shredded to protect company integrity. Furthermore, pickup services, as mentioned above, can be scheduled to haul away the shredded or discarded materials to have them properly recycled at the appropriate facility. Considering the risk of information and data breaches these days, it’s smart thinking to counter this risk by using in-house recycling methods instead of relying upon a third-party source.

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