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Commercial Real Estate in Dubai

Dubai has been one of the most talked about cities in the world. The reasons are plenty; one of them being that Dubai is encouraging companies and businessmen to expand their trade in the city by providing many facilities such as Dubai Free Trade Zone. The facilities offered include providing tax free income, full foreign ownership, easy licensing renewals, excellent infrastructure, competitive utility rates and a lot more. Shops also open at Dubai Mainland and other places as well. Another reason is the standard of living of its residents which is considered to be on the higher side. Due to many sources for employment and investment from other countries, Dubai provides many job opportunities and it attracts people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many others for work purposes. Other reasons for Dubai’s popularity include the many forms of entertainment that it has to offer for each family member. Huge skyscrapers, hotels, clubs, restaurants and theme parks are all tourist attractions.

It is relatively easy to get an office in Dubai. The government has made it easy for companies to open businesses in Dubai. Depending on the location, relevant authorities have to be contacted and application has to be submitted. It takes two to three working weeks to obtain license and work can be started immediately after that. Commercial real estate Dubai has a lot to offer. Varieties include shops, showrooms, space for retail stores, warehouses, etc. the rent varies according to the size and location of the property.

Many companies have opened up that provide real estate guide to people needing space for commercial purposes. They provide a number of services, some of them including:

  • Strategic Consulting:

Commercial real estate agents provide consulting services to their clients. The advice is based on sound knowledge of the industry; industry forecast reports, networking and other sources. Feasibility analysis is conducted and risk assessment is also done. Thorough discussion with the client includes answering all queries and providing guidance for better investment options.

  • Client Representation:

Not only do the estate agencies give sound advice, they also represent their clients when there is a need. There are many occasions where it is necessary to do negotiations such as mergers, acquisitions, meetings, etc. These agencies know the industry and know how to best handle the situation. They also make sure that cost is minimized and maximum profit is achieved.

  • Property Management:

Not only do agencies provide sound advice and help in all legal matters, they also help in keeping the commercial property in a good condition. Daily routine services such as cleaning and sorting as well as maintenance tasks with plumbers and electricians can take up a lot of time. Commercial real estate agencies provide property management services as well that can help in giving more time to the clients to grow their business.

Apart from the above mentioned services, these agencies also specialize in doing market research, providing options for sustainability, leasing services and preparation of documents, and also help in the procedures for renting, selling and acquiring commercial estate. The agencies can cut down the time, energy and money required for commercial properties and can make life easier for their clients. The demand for commercial properties is on the rise in Dubai and a lot of buyers and sellers are entering this lucrative industry of opening up their own businesses.

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