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Commercial Reasons For Lorry Rentals

Truck rentals are most commonly relied upon by commercial businesses. While the content of most homes can be moved in a Luton van, which may also be considered a truck in some instances, 7.5 tonne lorries tend to be used for moving larger or heavier items, or when there is an especially large number of items that need to be shipped.

Lorry rentals may be taken on short-term or long-term rental agreements, and there are a wealth of additional extras that can be included in order to ensure that you get the most from your commercial rental.

One-Off Delivery

Not all companies are set up to make long-haul deliveries on a regular basis. If your organisation has occasional use of a lorry, then paying for the purchase or lease of such a vehicle can be prohibitively expensive, but you may not want to assign the haulage or shipping duty to another organisation.

Short-Term Replacement

No matter how much car you take of your trucks and lorries, there will come a day when they need repairs. In most cases, a company with a fleet of its own lorries will be able to make up for the loss of that truck, but this isn’t always possible, especially if it coincides with a busy period or if repairs are unexpected. By renting a truck, you can ensure that you still have a full quota of trucks and are able to meet all of your commercial delivery requirements.

Unexpected Growth

Some organisations experience unexpected growth, and this can mean hiring temporary staff and buying new equipment. Investing in a new truck, to enable you to meet all of the deliveries, may not be financially viable, until you start realising revenue from the growth, but your organisation doesn’t want to miss out on the potential opportunities that await you. Renting a truck allows you to meet demand, ensures that you have the capability to deal with organisational growth, and does not necessitate the same initial outlay as the purchase of a truck.

Planned Growth

Even if your business has planned its rise, and the growth that you are experiencing falls within your business plan, it may be necessary to rent a truck. This rental may be short term while you await more payments, or it can be longer term, enabling you to continue to make deliveries and meet shipping orders while the growth steadies out.

Busy Period

Some companies can have extremely seasonal demands, and this means that while you may only require one or two trucks for the majority of the year, you will need additional vehicles to help meet your busiest times. By renting, you do not need to sacrifice orders, delay clients, or overload your trucks or drivers. Rent a suitable truck for any period of time required, and you will be able to meet increased workload, whether planned or not.

Contact NationwideHireUK.co.uk to find out more about commercial truck rental agreements, and to receive a competitive quote for your rental, whether it is planned or unexpected, and whether it is for a single job or for a long term agreement.

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