Common Issues Affecting Immigrants Today

Ever since the birth of our country, America has been celebrated as a melting pot of widely varied cultures, traditions and opportunities. However, over the past century and for perhaps even longer, the attitude of American citizens has gradually shifted to become less tolerant and welcoming of immigrants hoping to find a new life in the United States. Not surprisingly, this can make life quite difficult for foreigners in a new land. Click here for more information on how an immigration attorney in Michigan might be able to help your family, but read on for some of the problems that many immigrants face when trying to integrate into American society.

Social Difficulties

As you are probably aware, the cultures and societal norms of another country might be vastly different from what Americans are used to. This often results in misunderstandings and misconceptions about another ethnicity. Language barriers are also frequently present. While there are many bilingual people in our country who are willing to help, many others either do not know how to speak another language or even resent people whose native language is not English. Some customs, particularly religious traditions, can seem too foreign for Americans to readily accept.

Job Opportunities

A number of factors, from education to language barriers, can affect your ability to get a job in the U.S., especially if you are not yet documented. Additionally, there are employers who discriminate against those from another country or ethnic group despite laws that prohibit such discrimination. As a result, many immigrants end up in low-paying blue-collar jobs that are often grueling, dangerous or full of injustices. In many cases, employers also violate fair employment laws and pay immigrants less than they are entitled to receive for their work.


Ask any immigrant with a child in public school, and he or she can probably tell you dozens of stories about how children from another culture have difficulty making friends or are bullied or ignored. Immigrant families may find it difficult to fit in, no matter how friendly they are. They might also face pressure to only socialize with and live near those from their own ethnic group instead of branching out and truly feeling like a part of American society.


Prejudice and discrimination can take many forms, including all of the above points. However, there are more serious forms of prejudice that intolerant or ignorant people use to dehumanize, demoralize and even threaten the safety and well-being of immigrant families. Prejudice can range from mild public slights to serious hate crimes. Unfortunately, many people ignore or blatantly violate human rights laws and common decency in their intolerance of those who are different.

As with all humans, you and your family deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter which part of the world you originally hailed from. America should once again become known as a haven for those who are law-abiding and wish to make a better start. We may have a long way to go to achieve these ends, but an immigration attorney in Michigan can help to protect your rights and freedoms while you strive to become a part of our society.