News Common Mistakes That Graduates Make When Job-Hunting

Common Mistakes That Graduates Make When Job-Hunting


Job-hunting is never an easy thing to do most especially if you just graduated. Recent graduates make all sorts of mistakes when looking for work. These mistakes hugely affect their chances of landing jobs. That said, here are the most common mistakes that recent graduates make when searching for jobs. If you have just graduated from college and is looking for work, you should take note of these common mistakes and make sure that you do not commit them. If you know of someone who just graduated, do them a favor by briefing him/her regarding these common mistakes.

1. Not dressing appropriately for the interview. There are two ways that graduates make this mistake. Either they are under-dressed or over-dressed. “Appropriate” is the keyword here. What you wear to the interview should match the job that you are applying for. If you are targeting a business-related job, don’t go to the interview as if you’re going to the beach. What you are wearing creates the first impression by the interviewer about you. So dress properly.
2. Arriving late for the interview. This is a HUGE no-no. Arriving late for a scheduled interview is an insult to the interviewer. Even if the interview pushes through, the interviewer will be wary and have doubts about you. If you can’t arrive on time in an interview, the interviewer will think that you will do the same on the job. To avoid being late for an interview, you should visit the venue prior to the scheduled date so that you will know how to get there. A common reason why graduates are always late during interviews is that they got lost looking for the venue of the interview.
3. Going to the interview unprepared. The worst mistake you can commit is go to an interview with zero knowledge about the company you are applying for. The employer will always be asking you about the company and why you think you are a good fit for it. How are you supposed to answer these questions if you don’t know the company you are trying to enter. Always do your assignment and research about a company before you apply for a job in it.
4. Overestimating the value of a degree while underestimating the value of experience. So many graduates think that just because they have degrees, looking for a job will be a walk in the park. They are relying too much in their degrees. The truth is that most companies prefer hiring people with actual experience. That said, you should try getting some experience to boost the value of your degree. If you have to volunteer and work for free, by all means do it just so you can get the needed experience.
5. Relying heavily on job boards and disregarding personal connections. Job boards, whether online or offline are great sources for opportunities. However, you should not rely too much from them. You should also network with other people who are in the same field or industry as you are. You will be surprised how much job offers you can get from referrals by your personal connections.
6. Failing to sing your own praises. A lot of graduates don’t have the confidence to put their achievements in front of their potential employers. The truth is confidence is one of the most important attributes that companies look for in applicants. So if you are confident on talking about your special skills and accomplishments, you will stand out from the rest of applicants.Common Mistakes That Graduates Make When Job-Hunting
7. Not being careful with your online profiles. As you should already know by now, anybody can search for your name online and find information about you that you’ve posted on the internet. Companies and employers can do this as well. If they find lots of photos of you drinking, well, you know what the company will think about you.

These are the most common mistakes that fresh graduates commit when searching for work. If you are a graduate yourself, make sure that you don’t commit them.

Common Mistakes That Graduates Make When Job-Hunting
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