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Commonly Used Shade Screen Materials


Shade Screen Materials

Sunscreens made of different shade screen materials have recently become a valuable household item. Today, plants and humans are not only ones susceptible to the dangers of the sun’s rays. It is a known fact that sun exposure is one of the elements that causes furniture deterioration. The use of curtains is not enough to ensure that your furnishings are free from harm. Besides, no one wants a dark room. Whether you admit it or not, sunlight brings a blissful effect in your homes. Thus, awning and the use of shade screens has become a necessity. There are numerous materials you can opt for. The question is which one to choose?

About awning and shade screen

Awning also known as overhang is considered as an exterior part of the house. This is the typical sunscreen design most homeowners choose. To further describe it, overhangs are placed on top of windows and doors. In this manner, the interior part of the house is protected from direct sunlight without fully blocking the sun’s illumination. There are various types of awning applied in home constructions. The most popular one is the solar shade screen type.

Generally speaking, awning and shade screens can be considered as one concept. The only difference is some shade screens are directly installed in windows exteriorly or interiorly without any framework to support it. Aside from that, shade screens are designed as a see thru material. Thus, sunlight can still light-up your rooms without harming your furnishings. Thus, the term “window screens” is commonly used to imply these shade screens. Either way, you can choose an overhang as your shade or the screen if you are opting to save more.

Plastic and fabric materials used in awning and shade screen

  • Both awning and shade screen use the same materials except for aluminum sheeting. Aluminum can only be used outdoor since it can completely block sunlight. Aside from that, here are the commonly used as awning and shade screen materials.
  • Polyethylene (PE) – This thermoplastic polymer is very affordable. The downside is its melting point. When extreme heat is applied ranging from an average of 105 to 115 °C, deterioration will occur.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – Compared to PE these types of plastic are more durable. It can withstand a temperature of 120 to 130 °C. And the best part is it is recyclable. In some shade screens, a combination of HDPE and PE is applied.
  • Vinyl – Another recyclable plastic is vinyl. This is promoted as an eco-friendly material. It’s durable and very affordable material.
  • Polyester – This is the most common product used for UV protection. It can either be fabric or plastic. The most common materials made of polyester are LCDs and tarpaulins.
  • Acrylic fibers – It is the cheapest shade screen materials. It is light weight and can resist chemicals and sun exposure. The only problem is it is prone to pilling since it is a fabric.

These are the most commonly used materials for shade screens; you can either seek professional help or do it yourself for installation. With that, all of these shade screen materials are effective for sun protection, their only varying points is the durability and availability.

Commonly Used Shade Screen Materials
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