Companies Offering Anti-Piracy Services – Leave The Fake Go For The Original

Leave the Fake, Go for the Original

With the booming number of companies offering anti-piracy services, many believe that the industry would slowly fall. As generations and generations pass by problems starts to pile up. Economically, we are not even close to progressing but rather the opposite. The population starts to grow, the needs start to increase so are the prices of commodities but does the value of what we earn catch up with it. No! That’s why many are being forced to do illegal things. Our entertainment industry never fails to produce good quality movies, television show or music but even though people love to entertain themselves, some just can’t afford it so they sometimes rely on pirated copies. Yes! Piracy is a crime that even though people know it’s wrong; they still tend to patronize it. Nobody can blame them because they just want to be entertained but can’t afford it so they look for an alternative. And for the people who do piracy, do you think they have a choice as well? I think not because even if they try and work 2 or 3 jobs, still it is not enough. Why? Even if they have jobs their earnings can’t catch up with the increase in commodities. If only their salary increases along with the increase of other things then everything would be legal. As the population increase so should be the jobs, it should be direct proportion not inversely proportional. So it brings us back to piracy.

What is piracy?

Piracy is simply known as the unauthorized duplication of copies of copyright protected items. This could be a music file, videos of movies, computer games, software and even some hardware utilities. The most common piracy that is happening is the piracy of movie videos and music files. It is considered a special crime categorized under the copyright violations and once caught could be punishable by paying a penalty and some time in jail.

Victims of Piracy

Videos or movie piracy

Being able to watch the newly released movie in the comforts of your home without even getting spending too much is now possible. You would not even notice that it is a pirated copy because the quality is just the same as the original. All you need to do is buy a copy or you could even download it through the net if you are a computer wizard. Many websites are now letting free downloads of the movies just an hour after the movie is released.

Audio piracy

In audio piracy, the music you love the most could now be easily stored in your MP3 or MP4 players without the need to buy on iTunes or even you can now have a copy of the album of your favourite singer. This kind of piracy is best sold in the market of developing Asian countries because of the lack of strict laws and regulation and implementation.

Computer piracy

With this kind of piracy, it is a new and fast growing piracy. The new releases of personal computer games are the most pirated in this case. PC games are very expensive that is why computer game addicts prefer to buy the pirated edition as the graphics and pixel is almost the same as the original version. Another form of this kind of piracy is the piracy of software. Cracks of software are being sold in the market because only the big time businesses or organizations can afford this kind of product especially the latest application software. If it is for personal use, this is way too expensive that they rely on the cracks.

Anti-piracy Law

With the widely increase of piracy the anti-piracy law has been formulated to combat the mass production of pirated versions of movies, videos and music in the market. This law attempts to prevent copyright infringement, counterfeiting and other violations of the intellectual property rights. This includes the combined efforts of some corporate associations, law enforcement agencies and various international governments to combat piracy. Since piracy is considered a crime categorized under the section of copyright violations, it is in fact severely detrimental for the growing entertainment industries.


With the way our lives are doing today, one could not avoid to do some illegal work like piracy wherein they violate the anti-piracy law and even commit sort of “stealing” the intellectual property of other people. But with the costs of today’s commodities, one can just keep their eyes closed in order to do dirty jobs. Actually original pieces of articles cost so much but with pirated goods, you get to have the commodity but in a lower price. So people by nature would go for the pirated ones because they get to save some of their money. They would compromise the quality but often are not noticed because good pirates produce the same as the original without difference. But with this kind of events going on in the market industry, the movie, music and entertainment industry suffers because aside from their ideas being stolen they are also being ransacked without them knowing it.

So many companies offering anti-piracy services are now being build up in order to prevent the foreseen downfall not only of the industry but the economy as well. But if many anti-piracy agents are in the loose and pirates are now in danger, why are there growing and continuous mass production of pirated copies still? That is because of the lack of implementation of the government. All they do is talk but not put it into action. And with these, the pirates are not afraid to defy the law. Besides some of the law providers even finance such kind of activity. If not, where do you think does all the money used to finance such actions for example? Taking it into consideration that pirates need materials in order to produce a pirated CD or DVDs, where do they get the money they used to buy all of these things? Who knows? The companies offering anti-piracy services might know the answer.