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Comparing Helium To Other Writing Sites

Helium is just one of many content sites out there that promote user generated content. What used to take months to get published can now be published in a click of a button. While this offers many advantages to writers, there are also some issues involved that make writing for a site like Helium a unique experience. When compared to the competition, how does Helium stack up?

The best part about Helium is their community. Everyone is encouraged to participate and offer their views, ask questions and get to know their fellow writers. While some may feel that the community could be heard a little better, the Helium community is a friendly and supportive group. New writers are always welcomed and help is available whenever needed.

Ease of getting published is another way that Helium is better than the competition. While Helium does have editorial standards, it is still possible to get published just by hitting the publish now button. Articles may be flagged or edited in the future, but this is not a significant hurdle to getting published or earning revenue on your articles.

How does Helium stack up when it comes to payment? In the past, Helium has offered up to $3.50 for five starred writers who were the first to write to a title. Empty title bonuses and upfront payments made Helium an attractive outlet for new and established writers alike. Revenue share was also a nice bonus added on top of the guaranteed payments. These days, Helium offers revenue share and an assignment system where authors can get up to 3 dollars for certain titles.

Consider that most sites are paying 15-25 dollars for articles, or paying as much as 2-3 cents a word per article, and it would seem that others could make more on other sites. However, keep in mind that other sites have more stringent editorial guidelines and policies when it comes to joining. All you have to do to join Helium is to sign up and start writing.

Unlike most sites, Helium allows the community to rate its articles. While the general idea is a sound one, it can be confusing and erratic at times. Most veteran members still are confused as to how the system works and no one has really defined what a good rate is. For the most part though, it is easy enough to maintain the one rating star that is needed to continue receiving revenue share.

Ease of publishing and a great community are where Helium is strongest. While the money might not be the greatest, it is still worthwhile to write for Helium if you are looking to network with others, or are a new writer just starting out.


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