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Every three months, CPC Strategy collects data from over four million website clicks, and gets eight million in revenue to check which Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) online is the best. Traders and businessmen take advantage of the information from them which suit their marketing budget and give them higher profit on the websites used by consumers to look for best products deals.
Here are the top ten of the best Comparison Shopping Engines which are ranked based on the internet traffic, profit, conversion rate, expenditure, return of investment, average of cost-per-click (CPC), merchant tools quality, and the response ratings from consumers and merchants.

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1. Google Product Search (Free for now) – The Product Search from Google which is in the process of changing over to be called as Google Shopping is a free CSE that brings forth the highest number of consumer traffic and conversions. Traders could upload feeds manually or make use of an FTP for bulk uploads. Google has always been a consistent best performer when it comes to CSE. The Google Product Search has been a free CSE until its transition to a paid one in October 15th of this year.

2. Nextag (CPC) – The websites of Comparison Shopping Engines allows consumers to search products, purchase event tickets, browse through real estate, book travel flight dates and hotel accommodations, look for sales special items, and more. The pricing model of Nextag’s CPC lets traders to make use of it by knowing the sites where their products would appear on comparison pages. It also can support bulk uploads. Nextag is also considered as the best performing paid comparison shopping engine.

3. Pricegrabber (CPC) – The Paid Deal website showcases various coupons and weekly specials available in the market. Consumers have the capability of comparing a certain product with its price, reviews and ratings before they would make a purchase. Shoppers can also do product searches using either the English or the Spanish language which is specially made for buyers and merchants based in Brazil and Mexico. Retailers who use the Pricegrabber also have the added capability of submitting their product lists to Yahoo Shopping that lets them upload bulk data fee with the use of an FTP.

4. (CPC) – The paid Comparison Shopping Engine accumulates the lists of products that are based on the price and merchant sources. Ebay who owns helps shoppers by allowing them to make efficient and fast purchasing decisions with the product reviews and ratings posted on the site. It also lets customers upload in bulk through an FTP.

5. Amazon Product Ads (CPC) – The Amazon Product Ads, which is different from the Amazon Marketplace, give merchants the capability to give their customers the link to their website externally. It is a great option for merchants who do not want to be in the Amazon Marketplace, or for those who are already listed there.

6. Shopzilla (CPC) – The price comparison shopping website allows consumers to connect with certain merchants, sales offers, and the customer feedback helps them decide on which product to buy. Shopzilla is connected with its partner sites like Bizrate that has more than 100 million products available for shoppers across the world. It also lets them upload product feed in bulk via an FTP.

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