Comparisons, Features and Benefits of the Nook Color and Amazon Kindle Fire

While the Nook Color and Amazon Kindle Fire are both great eBook readers their usefulness comes down to finding where the best resources to download kindle books for them is. For the Amazon Kindle the place to go is the Amazon Kindle books store live on Where you can access the bestselling books, classic books with expired copyrights, children’s books, numerous cookbooks and even comic books and magazines in full color. A vast majority of the books are under $10 while copyright-free books are free-of-charge to download. Not only that but you’ll get the interactivity of a tablet device complete with streaming online video support, numerous games to play, web browsing, cloud storage for free, access to’s music library, and much more

As for the Nook Color it too is also a great eReader. Like the Kindle it comes with plenty of apps for your entertainment. Available from their online bookstore you can access over two million books at $10 dollars for most of them. Children’s books are great too since plenty of them come with interactivity. Plus with Daily Find you’ll get a excellent book recommendations with a deal. And with Free Fridays you can get a free eBook weekly. You’ll also have access to many of your favorite magazines and even newspapers with interactive features such as video. Apps-wise you’ll be able to play games, puzzles, view the weather forecast, listen to music and many other features not outlined here.

What best about both these eReaders is, of course, what you purchase them for, reading eBooks, and both do it quite well. It doesn’t matter if you’re into the Vampire Diaries books, Grimm Fairy tales or any other popular books both the Nook and Kindle’s respective stores will more than likely have the eBook you’re looking for. They’re definitely worth getting as an eReader alone and the extra features and apps make them that much better.