Today there is heavy competition in any field whether it be education, medicine, business, politics, social activities, etc. To win the competition, we may have to chalk out plans, counter-plans, contingency plans, strategies, etc. Before taking up all these, we should assess our strengths & weaknesses and come out of our weaknesses, especially from those of negative suggestions.

Whatever be your field, do not relax even if success is in your fist as it is not a permanent phenomenon. Anybody can suddenly dash in like whirlwind and lift away the success from your hands. Therefore, success is not the destination but a continuous journey. Wish-craft means exactly the same. Realizing the objective and retaining it by taking prudent steps so as not to allow the rivals to snatch it away from you is the order of the day. You have to emulate the examples of different competitions in the cell-phone field.

If we permit negative thoughts to creep in and hover around, they settle down on our mind. If we replace them with positive thoughts, even forcibly, they will yield good results, as experienced by many. If we consider the human mind as an office, with its files and stationery, there is also a waste-paper basket or garbage-can. This basket contains all negative thoughts and if we don’t cleanse it every time, the entire office becomes full of waste-material. There are many good methods of cleaning this garbage-can. The method of ‘garbage-in and garbage-out’ is a good one.

Some people are reluctant not to enter the business-line with the ‘Belief Frame’ that it is unlucky for their family and that they will incur loss even if they undertake it and that only those lacking in values have entered the line and are cheating the public and the government. Therefore, it is advisable that competent people should come out of that belief frame. In the world, any person can achieve success in any field provided he develops his urge and puts in the required efforts. There are many people who have implemented and proved it.

To withstand oneself in this competitive world, one should continue the efforts incessantly. Give up laziness and don’t put off things whatever be the obstacles that come in your way. Achieve success in your area of activity. Even if your health is at risk, you should not yield and discontinue reaching your goal. If you stop, others are sure to set you aside and cross over. If you are zenith whether in business or politics, be cautious that there are rivals around to pull your legs one day or the other. Beware! They need not be outsiders but may be from your own close circle. They know all your secrets, tricks, styles of functioning, etc. Beware of your people also. Be aware. Be cautious. Be alert. That is the real success-formula.