News Complications of Spine Surgery

Complications of Spine Surgery


Complications of Spine Surgery

When a person undergoes a surgery, there is always a possibility for a complication to arise. If a surgery is performed near the spinal cord or the spine, the complications can be serious. Complications can include a consequent impairment and pain, which calls for another surgery. You must discuss with your doctor the possible complications related with the surgery prior to the procedure. That way, your doctor will be able to assess your condition and tell of the risks of medical treatments your doctor may recommend.

The following are some of the possible complications that may arise during or after a surgery:

1. General Complications

• Anesthesia Complications

Most of the spinal surgeries call for general anesthesia. Some people have problems with anesthesia like allergic reactions or reaction of other medical condition that the patient has to anesthesia. Anesthesia can affect the functions of the lungs and can cause troubles with lung infections. Vomiting and nausea can happen and are normally cured with medicines. Make sure to talk with your anesthesiologist and doctor about the risk of complications.

• Bleeding

Spinal surgery includes the risk of risk of unpredicted bleeding. Spinal operations done through abdominal cavity necessitate the surgeon to isolate the large vessels going to the legs and the abdominal aorta. Surgeons are very meticulous and vigilant while doing the surgery to avoid causing damage to adjacent blood vessels.

• Lung Problems

Your lungs should work at its best after the surgery to make sure that your body will get enough oxygen to the body’s tissues that are trying to heal. Lungs that are not properly exercised subsequent to the operation can cause poor blood oxygen levels and pneumonia.

• Infection

Infection may arise even during the surgery. Surgeons take precautions to avoid infections. If bone graft, metal plates or screws will be utilized in the surgery, the patient will be given antibiotics prior to the procedure. Infections take place below 1% of spinal operations.

• Recurrent Pain

Some surgeries on the spine are just not successful. One of the common problems of spinal operations is the inability to eradicate the pain. The pain is usually expected following the operation.

2. Nerve Complications

• Nerve Injury

Spinal surgery can also pose injury to the spinal cord. This may even result to nerve injury. Since the nerves in the spinal cord are connected to certain parts of the body, the spinal cord damage can lead to paralysis.

• Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal surgery can also cause spinal nerves or spinal cord injury. This happens from the tools utilized during the operation, from inflammation, or from scar development following the surgery. Spinal cord damage can lead to paralysis in definite parts of the body. Spinal nerves injury can cause numbness, weakness, or pain.

• Sexual Dysfunction

The spinal cord as well as the spinal nerves transport signals that let the entire body to work and experience sensation. Spinal nerves and cord damage can cause a lot of problems. If the nerve connecting to the pelvic area is damages, it may lead to sexual dysfunction.

Complications of Spine Surgery
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