Compression Garments for Sports

Compression garments for sports are becoming more popular as the public gets more educated on the benefits of compression wear. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing them for running in the park or getting in shape for a triathlon compression wear enhances training. Some of the most common types of compression clothing in sportswear are shorts, socks, tights, pants and leg compression sleeves for high impact sports and injury recovery.

If you’re athletic then compression sportswear is something to consider, especially if you have a few old nagging injuries that need a little extra support. I have two past injuries that never let me forget they happened one is a broken knee and the other a broken hip.

To make sure that I get extra support I wear compression tights or pants when working out as well as compression socks, and at times, a leg compression sleeve to baby my shin splints.

Even if you’re not athletic per say and just workout when you can, compression clothing will make you feel and look like you’re more athletic than you really are. In other words, compression wear makes you look better and when you look better you feel more confident.

When you wear compression clothing it feels as if it is holding you together, and in a way it does, by applying pressure keeping muscle close to the bone. Not only does compression sportswear provide support and enhance performance it also increases circulation, controls body temperature and reduces muscle soreness.

Naturally, compression clothing is tight, but you don’t want it so tight that it cuts off circulation. You should be able to move freely without pain or discomfort and feel empowered while wearing them. If it feels too tight it probably is, so you might want to go up a size.

As you can see the benefits of compression sportswear are impressive and this is most likely one of the reasons that cost is a bit high. Many athlete’s believe the cost is worth it for all you get and I agree. Why wouldn’t you make the effort to pinch pennies elsewhere to protect old injuries and prevent new ones.

For those who are interested in compression garments for sports or any type of athletic activity you can find them online. Amazon has many of the top rated brands such as Skins, Under Armor, Eastbay, CW-X, 2XU, McDavid, Adidas, CEP, Zensah, Sugoi and more.