Compression Socks for Muscle Recovery

Compression socks for muscle recovery isn’t something new, but it is becoming more popular as many different types of compression stockings and leg wear enter the market place. Muscle recovery doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a serious injury to benefit from wearing compression socks. I first started wearing compression socks when I broke my knee and circulation got really bad in the leg, so the doctor recommended that I wear compression stockings at all times during recovery. Well, I not only wore compression socks for muscle recovery I kept wearing them afterward and still to this day.

Athletic compression socks provide extra support and enhance performance during training and work outs whether you have an injury or not. They way they work is that the compression holds muscle close to the bone by applying pressure, which stabilizes and holds muscle tissue in place. This is very important at the time of impact because without compression muscles can easily be reinjured. High impact activities such as running, basketball, tennis etc are the worst offenders.

Another line of thought is to be proactive and wear athletic compression stockings to prevent injuries before they even occur. After all, you can’t be too safe or careful, especially when you have old injuries that may always be in the recovery stage. More than likely you have heard people say my leg, hip, back or some other area of their body will never be the same. There is a lot of truth to this, as you may well know, if you happen to have a few old nagging injuries that flare up from time to time.

When there is an injury then you might want to combine compression socks with other compression products such as leg compression sleeves, tights, pants and shorts to speed up muscle recovery time. All compression garments are designed to provide extra support as well as alleviate discomfort and pain.

You will find that compression socks and other types of compression wear can be costly; however, they are worth every cent spent. It is better to pinch pennies elsewhere, so that you can enjoy the comfort and speedy recovery time provided by compression clothing.