Compression Socks for Sore Calves

Compression socks for sore calves are one of the best ways to provide the extra support needed in the lower legs from standing all day or when legs are fatigued. Compression socks come in a various levels of graduated compression, so if you are considering them for the first time it is wise to do a little research.

Most people start with over the counter compression stockings that do not require a prescription or medical advice. The unit of measurement used is mmHg and this is what you go by when choosing the level of compression. To be safe it is a good idea to begin with lower compression, which is 10-15mmHg or 15-20mmHg.

If you find that this level of compression isn’t easing the soreness or pain in calves then you might want to consider seeking a medical opinion. It’s worth it, however, to give over the counter compression socks a try, since there is a chance they will provide what you need.

For those who are athletic and tend to get shin splints or calf strains and pulls you might want to consider a leg compression sleeve. A leg compression sleeve or sleeves, you can buy just one or a pair, will provide a higher level of compression and support.

Of course, compression stockings cost more than regular socks so be prepared to spend more, sometimes a lot more, depending on brand, style and type. There are various styles of compression socks available for most any occasion such as sports, casual wear and dress wear.

Nobody will know that you are wearing compression stockings unless you tell them, since they are designed to look the same as other socks. The only way you will know is by how they feel; they will feel tighter at the lowest point at the ankle and gradually loosen as they go up the leg.

This also helps with poor blood circulation and swelling, as the graduated compression pushes the blood upwards from the ankle to the thigh toward the heart. Thigh high compression stockings or compression tights would be an excellent choice for those with circulation problems.

Compression stockings may take some getting used to as any compression garment that is being worn for the first time. Naturally, they will be harder to get on than normal socks, but in time you will get used to them and they will feel feel just as normal as regular socks.

Wearing compression socks for sore calves will certainly be worth whatever minor annoyance you may experience in the beginning and they will certainly be worth every cent spent.

To find the best compression stockings and brands read reviews and check ratings on Amazon and other trusted sites online.