News Compression Socks for Varicose Veins

Compression Socks for Varicose Veins


The use of compression socks for varicose veins is a simple way to increase circulation in the legs, which can be very beneficial for those with venous leg disorders. Varicose veins are created by the pooling of blood in the lower leg and can be painful at times with symptoms of aching, cramping and heaviness. Compression stockings sometimes called support stockings can ease the discomfort and pain with compression to the legs that is designed to stimulate blood flow. The compression is tighter at the ankle and becomes gradually less as it goes up the leg. This helps redirect the blood flow back toward the heart as it is supposed to.

There are different levels of compression some higher than others. Lower levels of compression socks and stockings are sold over the counter and do not need to be approved by a doctor. Many people start out with these to see if this level is sufficient to take care of their condition. Over the counter compression socks have a compression level of 10-15 mmHg or 15-20 mmHg. Support stockings over 20 mmHg should be ordered by a medical professional for optimal results. There is a possibility that you could make matters worse when you wear a higher level of compression without a doctor’s prescription.

When you wear compression socks for varicose veins they will be beneficial, however, you can’t expect them to work miracles. You will still need to do your part by maintaining a healthy weight, not standing or sitting for long periods, elevating legs when possible, not crossing legs while sitting, wearing loose clothing and exercising regularly. These tips can help prevent spider and varicose veins to some extent, as well as relieve the discomfort and pain they cause.

Some of the best brands of compression socks for varicose veins include: Jobst, Truform, Therafirm, Sigvaris, Mediven, Ace, Prestige Medical, Ames Walker, Juzo, Activa and Futuro. They all carry a full line of quality compression socks in various levels or grades of compression. Prices vary greatly from $10 on up to $40 for high level medical grade compression socks.

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Compression Socks for Varicose Veins
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