Computer Maintenance Guide: Tips for Maintaining Healthy Computer Habits

Many a times, you may search for articles containing healthy computer habits recommend by a PC guru. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on laptop repair service, then read this article to know some exciting PC maintenance tweaks.

Your computer can be your best companion for gaming, entrainment, communication, productivity, and browsing. But have you ever thought that are you using its services in a wise manner? Do you think that your device is safe from the prevailing PC world threats and common computing problems? If no, then what are the suggestive measures that can ensure minimal computer maintenance bills? Well, a tech expert will always recommend regular cleaning, organizing, management, and upgrading to ensure complete safety of computer hardware and software components. If you’re not conducting regular system maintenance sessions then your hard drive may get cluttered, PC may turn sluggish and raise numerous performance problems. Read below to know some popular maintenance tasks to keep your PC running safe and smooth:

Conduct Regular System Checkups

Undoubtedly, your computer is your constant productive companion, so it obviously works harder than you can ever think. It regularly prioritizes tasks, stores files, executes commands, and allocates memory to complete your daily computing processes. You should conduct regular system checkups to ensure optimal safety, performance, and maintenance of your hard drive apart from security of stored data, and sensitive files. Set up a monthly maintenance schedule by including these basic items in it:

• Conduct hard drive scans for errors

• Repair corrupt sectors to enjoy more speed and accuracy

• Defragment your hard drive and make it uncluttered

• Remove invalid Registry entries and broken shortcuts to reduce confusion.

Ideal Housekeeping Tips

A faster and smoother computer completes numerous tasks within the limited time frame. Managing your device’s efficiency and ensuring an enjoyable computing experience should always be your top priority. Keeping your computer clean and well-organized enhances its performance, speed, accuracy, and efficiency. You should incorporate the following points in your PC maintenance plan:
• Remove old programs, temporary files, and Internet cache and histories

• Delete unused files

• Physically clean your keyboard, mouse, monitor, and computer case.

Backups and Recovery

Uncertain system crashes, frequent hangs, and accidental deletion can result in partial or complete data loss. Since PC world is full of malicious codes and uncertain threats, you should create regular backups of your valuable data. A PC guru will also recommend investing in an efficient data recovery tool that will help you in bringing back your system settings and files, whenever any uncertainty occurs. If you don’t wish to pay heavy data recovery bills to an online tech support guy, then don’t ignore these basic backup and recovery tasks:

• Back up your entire system and data, twice a month

• Copy your backups in two separate removable media

• Store your data-rich removable media in separate places

• Create an emergency system recovery disk to overcome uncertainties.

Stay Updated

Keeping your OS and software updated not only enhances their performance, but also helps in ensuring device security and user safety. You should keep your software up to date to adopt the new changes in the applications, to access the latest features, and to experience hard-core productivity. Since technology is an ever-evolving platform, computer hardware and software also improves to compete with the cutting edge competition. Include the following tasks in your system maintenance plan to stay updated:

• Check your software’s subscriptions and licenses

• Update your software and operating system on time

• Install security patches as soon as they appear

• Renew software subscriptions, before they expire

• Upgrade to the latest version of your software to enjoy better security.

Secure Your World

Apart from keeping everything intact, you should include a routine security check in your computer maintenance strategy. Computer viruses, worms, malware, spyware, and other stubborn infections are the biggest threats to your device, networks, and identity. Prevention of such infections is necessary in order to keep your device functional. Incorporating these assessments will help in keeping your computer protected from stubborn infections:

• Install and update antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, and other security programs

• Run a weekly virus scan

• Update security tools, including virus definitions

• Review preferences and settings of your personal firewall

• Run a security diagnostic tool on your system.


Every computer requires occasional attention and maintenance to operate smoothly. Sometimes, an outdated PC may result in major computer hardware damage, system crashes, and uncertain shutdowns. If you set up a comprehensive system maintenance routine, the outcome will be a healthy, reliable, and safe computer with greater productivity.